Burnley Campus Greening Tour

University of Melbourne students were invited to visit the Burnley Campus, School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences, to learn more about the species of plants the design team are hoping to incorporate into the Precinct.

As part of the Project's Teaching, Learning and Research workstream, Student Ambassadors, and Members of the Project's Student Experience Reference Group and Student Organisations attended a species selection workshop hosted by University experts in landscape design, green infrastructure and water management, including;

  • Associate Prof. John Rayner
  • Ms Rachel Bathgate
  • Ms Claire Farrell
  • Mr Ned Halliday
  • Dr Gerard Healey
  • Associate Prof. Steven Livesley
  • Ms Virginia McNally
  • Mr Dominic Napoleone

Students were able to see how the Project works with the University's academics and technical experts to embed world's best practice into the design and operations of the Precinct. The feedback from this session will inform future green space in the New Student Precinct.

A group of consultants and students discussing plant selection around a round table

Our team of architects, consultants and students discussing plant selection in the New Student Precinct.

Do you have any questions about the New Student Precinct? Please contact the project team.