Design Studios

A series of design studio briefs have been developed by the project team, for inclusion in curriculum and summer intensives in several University of Melbourne faculties.

Design studios are run through faculties as part of coursework, with students engaged to design to a tailored brief. Students address the brief criteria and subsequent key questions, then present their design responses to a panel, inclusive of a member of the New Student Precinct project team, who is essentially the students client.

Currently running through the Melbourne School of Design, the Welcome Mat design studio is being led by Peter Hogg, principal architect from PH Architects. This studio is seeking ideas from students about how best to design a welcoming entrance to the south-east corner of the Parkville campus, to create a sense of arrival and place as well as new focal point for student life on campus.

A second studio, led by Dr Clare Farrell from the School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences in the Faculty of Science, asks students to respond to design questions to support the green roof infrastructure in the New Student Precinct.

Design studios provide practical opportunities for students to co-create with this Project, applying the competencies they have learnt through their studies to a real-life working scenario to directly inform the design of the Precinct.