Detailed Design Update: June 2019

As we reach the end of Detailed Design, we want to let you know how the project team has been co-creating the New Student Precinct with you.

The New Student Precinct Project has reached a key milestone - the finalisation of the Detailed Design stage.

Detailed Design is where a project truly comes to life, this design stage focuses on the realisation of architectural, landscape and interior details and ensures all elements work well together.

Since the start of the 2019, the New Student Precinct Project Team has worked closely with our architects, and large array of specific user groups from all areas within the University to confirm detailed aspects in the Precinct’s design, to support a better student experience.

Ongoing engagement has highlighted the need to:

  • Maximise informal study spaces for all students – with particular focus on post-graduates students.
  • Enhance the opportunity for green spaces that have more outdoor seating, and canopy cover.
  • Engage more sustainable and healthy food retailers in the Precinct;
  • Strive for inclusive design excellence in the design of wayfinding, accessibility and material and lighting choices.

See below for a suite of our incredible detailed designs

An ampitheatre in the New Student Precinct. Students are listening to music outdoors

students enjoyng the sun on a large, green lawn in a digital render of the New Student Precinct

Students walking through a green outdoor area into the Precinct

If you have any queries for the team, write to us at Also, be sure to check The New Student Precinct website for up to date information on project initiatives.