Meet our Student Ambassadors #2

Student ambassadors are employed to support the Project's co-creation initiatives and activations, and to share Project updates with our University community.  They come from a mix of faculties, disciplines and nationalities and are a core part of the Project Team.

Kevin Liang
Master of Engineering (Mechanical)

A photograph of Student Ambassador Kevin Liang

Kevin was born and raised in the PRD region of China. In his own words, he is passionate about studies at the University of Melbourne and loves the breadth stream of study as it allows him to draw connections between the breadth subjects and the material covered in his degree. When he's not studying, he enjoys basketball as he likes the dynamic, unpredictable nature of the sport.

"The thing that excites me most about the New Student Precinct is the connectivity of it; to the past, present and future, capturing rescouces uniquely available to its unique location and sustainability.

Amber Young
Bachelor of Design (Architecture), Diploma of Languages (Japanese)

A photograph of Student Ambassador Amber Young

Amber is fascinated with the built environment. She moved from Canberra to Melbourne to study at the University of Melbourne as believes her combination of degrees is the perfect fit for her. In her spare time, she likes to listen to music and spend time with her friends, who are family to her while she is studying in Melbourne.

"I find it really exciting to have this opportunity to see the 'behind the scenes' process of such a major project, not just the finished building at the end. Being able to get involved in this process I think will give me a good insight into the industry I will be involved in the future, as well as giving me valuble experience in the built environment and major project field."

Haotong Yang
Bachelor of Arts

A photograph of Student Ambassador Haotong Yang

Haotong moved to Melbourne from China at the age of 16. She loves her studies in psychology and describes it as one of her biggest passions in life, alongside cooking and fitness. She is excited to be living her dreams at the University of Melbourne.

"I love and admire the idea of co-creation of the New Student Precinct. It excites me the most as students get to participate in the project and contribute their ideas and opinions."

Ryan O'Callaghan
Bachelor of Design

A photograph of Student Ambassador Ryan O'Callaghan

Ryan is an Aboriginal man from the Luritja, Arrernte and Warramungu people of the Central Australian region. After growing up between Melbourne and Adelaide, he is a passionate traveller who loves the outdoors, and particularly loves being back on his country in Alice Springs with his family.

"The thing about the New Student Precinct that excites me the most is the inclusive design and the positive effects it will gave on all different demographics once the Precinct is completed."  

Jingwen Sun
Master of Public Health

A photograph of Student Ambassador Jingwen Sun

Jingwen was born in Chengdu, Sichuan. As well as specialising in health promotion, she is an avid traveller and photographer. She has loved her experience at the University of Melbourne, and has loved making friends from all over the world.

"As a student at the University of Melbourne, I am looking for a chance to participate in a University project and make efforts to contribute. The New Student Precinct gives me this opportunity. As an international student, I represent them and take this chance to let the University hear our voice."