Meet our Student Ambassadors #3

Student ambassadors are employed to support the Project's co-creation initiatives and activations, and to share Project updates with our University community.

They come from a mix of faculties, disciplines and nationalities and are a core part of the Project Team.

Daniel Dewhirst
Bachelor of Science

Daniel is sitting on a lawn is a collared, blue shirt

Daniel grew up in Melbourne before moving to Phillip Island with his family at the end of his schooling. He sites this as one of the best things that has ever happened to him. He loves his degree and is looking to use his love of maths and science to create amazing things. In his spare time, Daniel is a dedicated Dungeons and Dragons player.

"I love the University of Melbourne because it has forced me to change, I used to be complacent and comfortable to drift by with minimal effort but when I came to uni I quickly learned that I can't do that. It is a lesson I truly value."

Kayra Bohran
Bachelor of Science

Kayra is smiling at the camera. She has long, straight, black hair and is in a white singlet

Kayra gew up in Selangor, Malaysia. She loves the architecture around the Parkville campus, as well as he friendly staff and students, which she believes is a very important characteristic to have. Outside of class, she likes to play her violin, read and watch movies.

"What excites me the most is that in developing and building a New Student Precinct, ideas and opinions of students are taken into consideration. This will hopefully allow the Precinct to fulfill the 'vision' of the majority of students and allow the Precinct to be a place that students can be proud of."

Yasmin Ibrahim
Bachelor of Arts

Yasmin is standing in a field of sunflowers, smiling at the sky in a pink shirt

Yasmin is a first generation Australian with a love of reading, writing and baking. She loves the University of Melbourne as it gives her the freedom to learn what she wants, while allowing her to be flexible with her learning. In the future, Yasmin wants to use her love of creative writing to work as an editor.

"I love the idea of being involved in a project with the student goals and needs in mind. I'm excited to be able to represent the student body so the New Precinct can be exactly what we need it to be."

Danni Wang
Bachelor of Commerce

Danni is smiling at the camera in a white collared shirt. She has long, dark hair and wears black framed glasses

Danni was born in Beijing and is currently compelting the final year of her Bachelor of Commerce. She was drawn to commerce as she relished the opportunity to connect with like minded peers. In her spare time, Danni enjoys travelling, badminton and swimming.

"Through incorporating different ideas and perspectives, the project allows students to gain insight into the process of developing the Precinct. This is something that motivated me to get involved."

Justin Song
Bachelor of Science

Justin is smiling at the camera, giving a peace sign to the viewer

Justin grew up in Shanghai before moving to Australia for high school. In his free time, he likes to listen to music, play video games and hang out with mates. He is incredibly excited about the programmable spaces that will be offered in the New Student Precinct. Justin is a dedicated student and feels that everything he has learned in his time at University has been handy and relevant.

"My favourite thing about the University of Melbourne is the balance between work and hanging out. I feel like I can usually find good places to study (either alone or with friends), but that there are also a lot of friendly people around who are willing to do things like play sports or go shopping."

an image of a red, cartoon pencil drawing a straight line

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Precinct team.