Student Art Prize Update

Congratulations to Jen Valender, winner of the New Student Precinct's Student Art Prize.

Winner of the annual New Student Precinct Student Art Prize and Masters of Fine Arts candidate, Jen Valender, has her winning piece, Tank, displayed on the east wall of the Peter Hall Building.

Valender’s work was created in response to the curatorial prompt ‘The future will only contain what we put into it now’. Depicting fish fingers being thrown into a fish bowl, Valender states that ‘Tank captures a moment of desperation. As our waters rise and empty, this work questions our ability to rectify consumer capitalism and its damaging impact on marine life’.

Above: Tank by 2019 Student Art Prize winner Jen Valender

The judging panel for the piece was comprised of Professor Alan Pert, Director of Melbourne School of Design; Rose Hiscock, Director of Museums and Collections; and Ada Margaret Coxall, Masters of Arts Curatorship candidate.

Above: Jen Valender with Tank

Watch the video below to hear Jen Valender provide some insight into her work: