Visit our Pop-Up Study Pod

A space to study, relax and meet up with friends is now available to all students. Come and visit the New Student Precinct Pop-Up Study Pod at the Mon-Pop site.

The New Student Precinct will deliver more seats for informal study on campus to meet the needs of a growing student population. In the meantime, the New Student Precinct team have opened a pop-up study pod at the corner of Monash Road and Swanston Street.

The study pod was designed by Breathe Architecture, one of the architectural practices working within the consortia designing the New Student Precinct. The space is made of sustainable materials, and has been design to be flexible, adaptable and comfortable. The space can accommodate group and solo study, and there are plenty of power points for busy students on the go.

The study pod is located right opposite the home.two pop-up cafe, so you can grab a delicious, vegan treat while you study.

An outdoor study pod at the Mon-Pop site. The pod is a large, rectangular struture, covered in green grasses and made of hard, deep brown wood. A white sign above the structure reads "New Student Precinct Pop-Up. A student in a grey hoodie is walking by the structure

Our Pop-Up Study site at Mon-Pop

Study space for students, designed with students in mind

The study pod is a direct response to student co-creation feedback. In a 2018 survey, the Precinct team asked students from all faculties about their study space preferences. Students were asked to select from a series of 'study space typologies' to identify what kind of space they seek out when studying. The most popular choices for study space were:

  • Focused Studying Alone: an indoor quiet space or study booth with ideal conditions for one individual
  • Alone Together: an indoor space, where there are more than two people studying separately in silence
  • Public Collaboration: an indoor space or pod, designed for informal collaboration, which can accommodate small to large groups

With modular furniture and movable seating, the study pod is able to adapt to suit all of the above modules. On top of this, the study pod has the ability to adapt to the weather and transform into an outdoor space. Large, sliding doors can be opened up in the warm weather so that students are able to enjoy the sunshine, and can be closed off to stay cosy in the winter months. Outdoor study space was ranked as highly desirable, with 85% of respondents saying they would use the space for general study. Similarly, 3 in 4 students saying they would use Outdoor Study Space to relax, while 6 in 10 said they would use the space for socialising.

The study pod is just one part of a larger program of activations that the project team is delivering to enhance the student experience on campus during the busy construction period. To find out more, visit the 'Activations' section of the New Student Precinct website.

Do you have any questions about the New Student Precinct? Please contact the Precinct team.