What's to come in Semester Two?

As we head into the second half of 2018, the Precinct Project Team will be seeking feedback and engagement from students and staff through a variety of platforms.

Precinct Engagement Space

A Precinct Engagement Space will open in July 2018. The Engagement Space, located in the former Tsubu café, will showcase current Precinct designs and student research and encourage feedback and review from visitors. The space will also function as a Precinct events venue, design team briefing space and an informal study space for students. Communications about the Engagement Space will be shared with the University community once opened.

Open Day

The New Student Precinct will be part of the University’s Open Day once again this year on Sunday 19 August. Our team of student ambassadors, members of the Precinct design team and volunteers from the student-run Fair Food Challenge will be providing visitors with an overview of the Project and the current design. Ambassadors will also be seeking feedback on the design and providing nutritious goodies from the Fair Food team.

Precinct Festival

A Precinct themed festival will take place from 2 – 4 October 2018 that will focus on work completed to date, the current state of the Project and provide opportunities for students and staff to directly contribute to the Project development. The objective of the Festival is to:

  • Showcase the ways students have been involved and have influenced the Project to date through Precinct-focused design studios and subjects; as ambassadors, researchers, artists and curators etc.;
  • Celebrate and display the work of students who have been involved with the Project to date;
  • Share and seek feedback on the current Precinct designs; and
  • Co-create key design interventions with students to support the schematic and detailed design of the Precinct.

The festival will be held over three days with the following themes guiding each day’s program:

Day 1 – Design and Construction

Day 2 – Sustainability and RAP 3 commitments.

Day 3 – Arts and Cultural

Students and staff that have contributed to the Project, the Precinct design team, consultants and partners including arts festival, Next Wave, and the Living Pavilion, will form part of the Festival programming.

A detailed event program is in development and will be shared via University communication platforms and the Precinct website and e-news in the coming months.

Digital Co-creation Activities

A series of digital co-creation opportunities will be running from July 2018 seeking student perspectives on informal study spaces on the Parkville Campus; all gender facilities in the Precinct; and the space requirements for University of Melbourne PhD and RhD students. These opportunities will be shared via a variety of University platforms to encourage feedback from students across a range of cohorts.