Co-creation Postdoctoral Research

Melbourne School Equity Institute
Dr Rimi Khan

Dr Rimi Khan from the Melbourne Social Equity Institute, School of Culture and Communication commenced research in 2018 on how the Precinct's co-creation process can contribute to new forms of cultural engagement, community and citizenship among students, and what this means for our changing understandings of the 'student experience'. Dr Khan's research also focuses on the University's role as both an educational and cultural institution and is being supported by research assistant Eugenia Zoubtchenko.

Dr Khan’s postdoctoral research will use the framework of ‘cultural complexity’ to:

  1. Critically examine the potential of co-design to extend and challenge existing thinking about social inclusion, access and diversity in the development of cultural precincts
  2. Consider what kinds of citizens and communities are produced by the Precinct's development, and what this means for changing understandings of the ‘student experience’
  3. Track spaces of risk, tension and opportunity in the Precinct’s arts and cultural programs
  4. Investigate how the co-design process redefines the University’s role as a knowledge producer.