PERFORM: Designing Spaces for Creative Events

Melbourne School of Design
15 students engaged to date


The Melbourne School of Design studio subject, open to Master of Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning students, emphasises how successful architectural designs express ideas based in well-grounded, critical thinking. Through design projects and analysis of influential works, students develop design ideas for projects and architectural expressions of those ideas.


Students electing to undertake the studio subject in Semester 2 2018, were tasked with designing temporary performance and creative exhibition spaces. Students collaborated with the University’s Cultural partners, Arts Centre Melbourne (ACM) and Arup Engineers to create drawings and scale models of mobile architecture for a demountable events space at ACM. Designs were required to consider the various loading and heritage requirements of the ACM site in their designs, as well as materiality, scale, structure and mobility including scope for transportation to regional sites and the future Precinct. Students presented their design concepts to a panel of stakeholders from ACM, the Precinct Project Team, and ARUP Engineers for feedback.


This subject provides students with the opportunity to engage with the Project’s industry partners, applying academic learning to a real-world project.