Microclimates in the New Student Precinct

PhD in Landscape Architecture, Melbourne School of Design
Wendy Walls

Wendy Walls is a PhD research student at the Melbourne School of Design. Her research interests include data-driven design and how responsive design methods can support ecological and social systems, particularly in light of changing climate predictions. Her PhD is focused on heat in Australian cities and how new forms of data collection, including sensors and the IoT (Internet of Things), can contribute towards generative design theory and methods.

Using the Precinct as a testing ground to analyse the various microclimates and investigate temperature sensors to log data over time, Wendy’s research reveals the way temperatures change in relationship with the local spatial conditions and fluctuating atmospheric qualities of the Precinct. This research provides valuable data that will inform how the design of the Precinct can mitigate the impacts of climate change, creating sustainable indoor and outdoor spaces that can be utilised all-year-round.