Studio 44: Radical Classroom

An artistic representation of the John Smythe Building. A surreal world, cast in primary colours, in which direction is subverted; up is down and down is up. People move through the angular world in a logical, efficient manner

Image: 'Body Building' by Nathan Costall, Ke (Eva) Zhang, Yue Bing (Taylor) Xiao

Master of Architecture Studio C, D or E. Melbourne School of Design
Danielle Peck and Sam Hunter

Semester 1, 2019

This masters studio, led in collaboration with NSP Lead Architects Lyons and Architecture Associates, explored the design of a new John Smyth Building as gateway into the New Student Precinct and campus from Swanston Street. As part of the design strategy for this building the studio asked students to explore the University’s role in implementing change to a city, and speculate on educational space, developing skills in research, critical positioning and return brief execution.

Danielle Peck is an architect, academic and masters of design studio leader. In 2017, she established Architecture Associates, a firm with the focus of creating spaces for cultural exchange. Her research is largely concerned with global issues, leading her to research rising sea levels at SCI-arc University. Her work has taken her all over the world, with projects of note including a design-build project in New Orleans, which to this ay feeds into a global network of thinkers.

Sam Hunter is an associate with Lyons Architecture. He is versed across many aspects of design, applying his thinking to solve complex design problems and employ conceptual thinking. Outside of the design studio, Sam is a sessional design tutor for the RMIT Masters of Architecture

An image for Radical Classroom, no.1

Image: 'Heart of UniMelb' by Jiayi (Kelly) Chen, Carla Sujanto, Wenting Gan

an image of a red, cartoon pencil drawing a straight line

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