Urban Soils, Substrates and Water

School of Ecosystems and Forest Sciences
35 students engaged to date


Urban soils can present distinct and unique challenges to the land manager, landscape architect or horticulturist responsible for developing, maintaining or improving urban landscapes. Often compacted, contaminated, or otherwise unsuitable for plant growth, urban soils require assessment, solutions and practical methods to ensure successful outcomes. Open to students studying a Graduate Diploma in Urban Horticulture or Master of Urban Horticulture, the Urban Soils, Substrates and Water subject covers the application of fundamental soil science issues with direct relevance to urban landscape impacts, uses and requirements, including compaction, nutrition, contamination, water supply, drainage and structural soils.


Students studying the subject in Semester 2 2018, used the Precinct site as a case study for exploring soil management issues in urban environments to produce an individual case study report and group presentation. The assignment particularly focused on impacts of the Precinct’s paved surfaces on the composition and performance of substrates and tree-root volumes.


This subject provides students with the opportunity to engage with the Project’s industry partners, applying academic learning in a practical, real-world context.