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Discovering your options

  • What courses are available?

    You can browse all courses offered at the University of Melbourne on our Find a course website.

    If you’re new to university study and are looking to start your first degree, you can read about our undergraduate courses.

    If you’re looking to grow your specialist knowledge or earn professional accreditation in your preferred industry, you can read about our graduate courses.

    In addition to coursework study, the University also offers graduate research courses across all of our faculties. For detailed information on our current and upcoming research projects, please see Research at Melbourne.

    The University also offers several short courses and MicroCerts designed to help upskill and expand your current industry knowledge. To learn more about these courses, you can read about our professional development opportunities.

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  • How do I apply to study at the University of Melbourne?

    The application process will look different depending on a few factors, including your preferred level and area of study, and whether you are a domestic or international student.

    You are a domestic student if you are an Australian or New Zealand citizen, an Australian permanent resident or a permanent humanitarian visa holder.

    You are an international student if you are a temporary visa holder or a bridging visa holder.

    You can find detailed application guides to match your requirements on our How to apply web page.

    If you’re a current Year 12 student interested in studying at the University, you will need to submit your course application via the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC). Applications open each year in August.

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  • What are the English language requirements?

    There are several ways to satisfy the University’s English language requirements. You may already satisfy the requirements if you have previously studied at an institution where English is the language of instruction. Detailed information for both undergraduate and postgraduate applicants can be found on our English language requirements web page.

    If you intend to satisfy the requirement by completing an English proficiency test, please ensure you complete a recognised test. Recognised tests include:

    • TOEFL
    • IELTS
    • Pearson Test of English (PTE)
    • Cambridge English, Advanced/Certificate in Advanced English (CAE).

    Please note that English tests must be completed in a single sitting within 24 months of your planned commencement at the University.

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  • What scholarships are available to me?

    To find a scholarship that matches your circumstances, you can filter opportunities on our scholarship search. Once you have found a scholarship that’s right for you, its profile will detail important information regarding eligibility criteria, the application process and benefits.

    Many of our scholarships are merit-based and awarded to eligible students based on their academic performance. Other scholarships are need-based, helping to support students who might otherwise miss out on tertiary education.

    If you’re ineligible for scholarships at the time of applying, please note that there are many more scholarships available to continuing students who demonstrate academic excellence throughout their studies at Melbourne.

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  • How do I transfer to the University of Melbourne?

    If you would like to transfer to the University of Melbourne from another institution, you will need to follow our standard application process. You can find detailed application guides for all of our courses on our How to apply web page.

    If your application is successful, you can apply for Advanced Standing (also known as recognition of prior learning or credit) to receive credit from your prior studies, reducing your overall course duration at Melbourne.

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After you've applied

  • When will I receive my course application outcome?

    Our selection officers prioritise course application assessments according to their intake, not the date of submission. The selection periods for our key intakes are:

    • Start year (February) intake: September of the preceding year
    • Mid-year (July) intake: March of the same year.

    Once the assessment of your application has begun, you can expect to receive an outcome within the below timeframes:

    Course type Indicative application turnaround time
    Undergraduate 4 – 8 weeks
    Graduate coursework 4 – 8 weeks
    Graduate research 8 – 12 weeks

    The indicative turnaround times listed above will not be relevant if the course you have applied for:

    • Makes selection decisions only at set times during the year (this can be determined by consulting the ‘How to apply’ page on our Study website)
    • Requires results from an admissions test that have not yet been released (eg GMAT, GAMSAT/MCAT)
    • Requires outcomes of auditions or interviews that have not yet been scheduled.

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  • How do I apply for recognition of prior learning or credit?

    You can apply for Advanced Standing (also known as recognition of prior learning or credit) to have credit from subjects you have completed at another institution applied to your studies at the University of Melbourne.

    To apply, please see our Advanced Standing web page.

    To help plan your studies, you can use our credit tool to calculate how much credit you may be eligible to receive.

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  • Can I defer my offer?

    If you need to start your studies later than originally planned, you may be eligible to defer your course for up to one year.

    To apply, please see the Defer my offer website for eligibility details and deferral request deadlines specific to you.

    It’s important to note that not all courses permit deferrals. If your deferral application is denied, you will need to start your studies as originally planned or reapply for a future intake.

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  • How do I upload documents to my application?

    When completing your online course application, you will be prompted to upload supporting documentation.

    Most documents can be uploaded directly to your course application. For detailed instructions, please see How to upload documents. Please note that the sum of documents under each section within your course application must not exceed 6MB.

    If you have previously completed tertiary studies in China, India or Pakistan, you may need to provide your documentation via an alternative method. If this applies to you, please visit our Supporting documentation guide.

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  • I’m receiving an application error. What do I do?

    If you receive an error message while completing your online course application, please attempt the following troubleshooting steps:

    1. Use a computer or laptop when accessing the system.
    2. Ensure that you are using a compatible internet browser. For optimal performance, please use Google Chrome. The system also operates on the most recent versions of Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari.
    3. Clear the cache (cookies and temporary internet files), then reload the browser before attempting to log in again. Alternatively, try opening the application system in an incognito/ private browsing tab.
    4. Review your application to check that all sections of the form are complete. If a section does not apply to you, please enter 'NA' into the text field, or upload a blank document where applicable.
    5. Uploading documents is a two-step process. In each section, first 'Choose' the file(s) and then press 'Upload Files'.
    6. When attaching supporting documents, please ensure that the total size of all files in each section is less than 6MB. For example, you can upload three 2MB files in the Personal Statement section of the application system. If the size of all files totals more than 6MB, you might consider compressing one or more files or uploading the document in two separate sections of the application.
    7. Please ensure that you save all document attachments prior to clicking the 'Save & Continue’ button at the bottom of each page.
    8. After all sections of the application form are complete, press 'Save', then 'Submit' to lodge your application.
    9. If you are having difficulty with the Application Fee payment section, please check that your postal address is no more than 80 characters and written in the English alphabet. This applies to the postal address provided under the 'Personal Details' section of the application. If you need to change your address to make your application payment you will be able to update it once your application has been submitted.

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    If the error persists, please contact our Future Student Support Team with full screenshots of the error you are receiving and outline all troubleshooting steps you have taken.

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