Return to Southbank campus

The information on this page pertains specifically to the University's Southbank campus. For important University-wide information about our phased plan to return to campus and the further measures we’ve put in place to ensure our community’s health, safety and wellbeing, visit the University of Melbourne’s Return to campus webpage.

Induction checklist for returning Southbank campus students

  • Approval to return

    Do you have approval to come to campus?

    • Are you enrolled in a subject with a teaching activity scheduled and approved to be delivered on campus?
    • Are you a coursework student with approval to access campus for practice rooms and specialist equipment?
    • Are you a graduate researcher with approval to access spaces/facilities on campus? Check your eligibility to return under current restrictions.  If you’re eligible, you can request this via Service Now with five days’ notice to allow time for approval, training module completion and card subsequent card activation. Please email if you have access problems.

    You should ONLY return to campus when you are approved to do so and at the time indicated for your class or activity.

    Please check your timetable.

  • Before you return

    Before you return to campus:

  • Swipe card access

    In order for your Student ID card to be configured to enable access to buildings, you must be approved by the Faculty and complete your COVIDSafe Campus online module listed above.

    Your access is limited to the buildings in which you have approved activities.

    Do not let other students enter a space using access enabled by your swipe card.

    Every student must use their own Student ID card to access buildings.

  • Review University-wide advice

    For important University-wide information about our phased plan to return to campus, the measures we’ve put in place to ensure our community’s health, safety and wellbeing, and what facilities you’ll be able to access visit the University of Melbourne’s Return to campus webpage.

  • Local requirements

    Review and be familiar with the below Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), that are relevant for your discipline, work activity and / or work location, particularly:

    • COVID19 SOP 1 – Social distancing
    • COVID19 SOP 3 – Common Areas
    • COVID19 SOP 4 - Signage
    • COVID19 SOP 6 – General Cleaning

    Follow instructions of staff supervising activities in these spaces.

    The Southbank campus has a local COVIDSafe Plan.

  • Second Step restrictions

    You must have documentation authorising you to travel to attend campus for study.

    The email you received, Returning to campus for your in-person subject, represents proof that you are permitted to travel to campus.

Induction checklist for returning Southbank campus staff

Visit the Fine Arts and Music Staff Hub site for staff induction information.

Campus access, signage & QR codes

Staff and students will only have access to buildings in which they have classes/teaching. Density signage has been installed in all tutorial and practice rooms. Please ensure that you adhere to the approved number of people in each space. QR codes have been installed into tutorial rooms across campus for increased contact tracing. Scan the QR code displayed in every space you enter to "check in", as each space has its own unique code.

Cleaning and hygiene on the Southbank campus

Further information on cleaning and hygiene on campus can be found in the Standard Operating Procedures listed below.

  • What the University will clean
    • High rotation touch points such as will be cleaned daily by the University’s cleaning staff
    • Nightly cleaning of the Southbank campus, weekdays, will include the following:
      • Carpets will be vacuumed with HEPA filters.
      • All vinyl floors will be damp-mopped daily.
      • Door frames and handles including push pull door handles, lift buttons and handrails.
      • Toilets, wash basins and bathrooms.
      • Studio floors will be disinfected nightly.
      • Internal drinking fountains, daily – although the University recommends that only the “bottle filling” option should be used, to assist with hygiene measures.
      • Moveable chairs will be cleaned weekly.
      • Office tables and desks weekly, if there is no material left out on them.
      • The exteriors of white goods will be cleaned, but not the interiors.
      • There will be no cleaning on weekends although staff will be able to arrange for extra cleaning as necessary.
  • Your responsibility to clean:
    • Staff and student kitchens are open and being cleaned daily, although strict – and signposted – social distancing and restricted numbers will be in place. Kitchen appliances will not be cleaned, meaning it is your responsibility to clean appliances before and after use. You must also provide your own cutlery, cups, plates, and leave the area clean after use.
    • Though the University will clean frequently touched surfaces, this does not include specialised equipment such as Film and Television editing suites, pianos and other performance infrastructure. Sanitiser and disposable cloths will be provided and it is your responsibility to use them to clean specialist equipment, including instruments, before AND after use.
    • It is your responsibility to clean computer keyboards, mouse, headsets and remote controllers before and after use, using the cleaning materials provided.
    • Vending machines: it’s your responsibility to sanitise your hands before and after use.

Transport and parking

The end-of-trip facility on the Southbank campus (building 877) is open for cycle parking. However, the showers are closed.

  • $10 Australian Ballet car parking for staff and students

    All Faculty of Fine Arts and Music staff and students are eligible for the discounted rate of $10 per day at the Australian Ballet car park until January 2021 (to be reviewed at that point). To apply, you need to complete this form and email it to The “store card” works in the same way as MYKI cards – users pre-pay an amount onto their card then swipe in to the car park and swipe out on exit at which point the pre-paid card will be charged. When applying for the card and discounted rate, users need to mention in the body of the email that they work/study at Faculty of Fine Arts and Music at the University of  Melbourne and make reference to the discount. Your card will be sent to your home address ready for use.


While the Southbank (and Parkville) library will remain closed, and there will be no in-person student services or library staff available, a small number of study spaces (20 to 25) will be available for students in the Southbank Hub – available only if our students can’t leave campus because they need to attend another class.

Standard operating procedures

Social distancing maps

See maps