Mental Health Week

University Mental Health Week is happening 7-13 October! This year we are asking 'what do you know about Mental Health?'

Mental Health Week is running from Monday 7 October to Sunday 13 October 2019. Looking after your mental health and wellbeing helps us to stay resilient in the face of challenges and enables us to get the most out of our university experience.

This Mental Health Week, we are encouraging you to ask yourself 'what do you know about mental health?'. Do you know why it is important to prioritise your wellbeing, and how to take care of your own mental health? Do you know how to check in with a friend or family member to see how they’re going and how you could support them?

On offer are an array of events, workshops and activities throughout the week. Unless specified, all events are free and do not require registration.

  • Monday 7 October

    Engineering morning tea and mindfulness colouring

    Colouring is a relaxing and creative activity that can help lower stress and anxiety, increase focus, and promote mindfulness. A large colouring in print will be available in the Old Engineering Student Lounge throughout Mental Health Week. You're invited to a morning tea to kick start the colouring in and promote any wellbeing events. Markers will be available to contribute to the colouring in poster throughout the week.

    When: 10am - 11am
    Where: Old Engineering - Student Lounge (Level 1)

    Mind-food and Therapy Dogs

    Food can impact your mood in helpful and unhelpful ways. The Faculty of Arts will be providing free 'mood boosting' snacks and water, as well as some Victorian Government health promotion information about the link between mood and food.  There will also be therapy dogs to support your wellbeing.

    When: 12 - 2pm
    Where: Front of Arts West

  • Tuesday 8 October

    Student Voices' Seminar

    Current University of Melbourne students are invited to attend the 'Student Voices' event to hear from a student peer with lived experience of mental illness. Students will have an opportunity to ask the peer speaker questions, in addition to a University of Melbourne Counsellor from Counselling and Psychological Services (CAPS).

    When: 12.15 - 1pm
    Where: Old Arts-129 (Theatre B), Parkville

    Use password: unimelb when registering.


    Resilience and wellbeing workshop

    The ability to cope in the face of adversity is essential to meet the challenges in university student life. Facilitated by a CAPS counsellor, this workshop aims to help you explore what wellbeing and resilience means, understand what factors impact these, and how to build a range of strategies that fosters a balanced life.

    When: 1 - 2pm
    Where: Stop 1, Level 1, Room 110

    Pot Planting

    The Enrichment team will be holding their annual pot planting for wellbeing activity.

    When: 12 - 2pm
    Where: Linear Park Southbank

    Pancake Stall

    The Music Therapy Graduate Student Group will be serving free pancakes to current students.

    When: 12 - 2.45pm
    Where: Linear Park Southbank

    Silent Disco

    Disco Duku Duk will return to Southbank to get students up and moving.

    When: 1 - 2pm
    Where: Linear Park Southbank

  • Wednesday 9 October

    Mindfulness session

    Increase your focus and reduce stress especially around exam time.

    When: 1.15 - 2pm
    Where: Room 317, Level 3, Law Building, 185 Pelham Street

    Settling in as an international student

    Share and reflect on your experience as an international student and extend your social network. Gain support from counsellors and other international students in learning ways to adjust to a new environment, build meaningful relationships, and maintain positive wellbeing.

    When: 3 - 5pm
    Where: TBC


  • Thursday 10 October

    Mental Health Lunch

    All staff and students at Southbank are invited to the Mental Health Lunch in the Wilin Garden. Take some time out, sit on the lawn, listen to the band and talk to some friends.

    When: 12 - 2pm
    Where: Wilin Gardens, Southbank

    UMSU Free Meditation Session

    Meditation is proven to be an effective method of managing stress, increasing motivation, reducing stress and, more fundamentally, discovering our mind’s full potential. In these free classes students will learn how to become more present and compassionate, observe thoughts without judgement and respond rather than react to the world around them.

    When: 5.15 - 6pm
    Where: 757 Swanston Street, Level 1, Room 111

  • Friday 11 October

    Outdoor yoga on South Lawn

    To wrap up Mental Health Week, we're inviting you all to take part in outdoor yoga on South Lawn. Yoga increases body awareness, relieves stress, reduces muscle tension, sharpens attention and calms the nervous system. Registrations are not necessary as the yoga will take place on the grass, so feel free to bring your own mat if you have one!

    When: 1.30pm - 2.15pm
    Where: South Lawn

Health and support services

Maintaining a healthy life balance can be challenging, especially when juggling study, work and a social life. But remember you are not in this alone. Make sure you are aware of the support services on offer at the University:

Need further support?

Within and outside the University, there are a range of health services designed to help anyone feeling down or needing support.

  • If you are looking for someone to chat, you can visit a eheadspace centre or chat to someone from the Kids HelplineLifeline or Headspace.
  • For resources and information on mental health and depression visit beyondblue.
  • If you identify as LGBTI and want to speak with a trained counsellor, call Switchboard for free.