Attend events on mental health and know how to access health and wellbeing services on any day.

About R U OK? Day

R U OK? Day 2022 is happening Thursday 8 September.

The aim of the day is to remind everyone to: Ask R U OK? No qualifications needed. Because a conversation could change a life. We can all make a difference when someone in our world is struggling with life’s ups and downs by helping them feel connected and supported, no matter what they might be facing.

Learn more about the health and wellbeing services that are available to you if you are not feeling yourself or are struggling with life's challenges.

To recognise the day every year, the University hosts a range of events to help students connect, discuss the importance of mental health and learn how to access support.

Advice on reaching out and connecting with others

  • Where is the best place to ask someone if they are ok?

    Pick a place that is private and comfortable so that they feel like they can open up to you.

    For example, you could:

    • Check in with a family member or a housemate whilst you are cooking together
    • Do exercise workouts with friends and chat with them
    • Organise a regular coffee date with a friend or a workmate and ask how they are
    • Catch up with a friend while going for a walk outside
    • Have a pet meetup session with friends and check in.
  • How do I ask someone if they are ok?

    If you need some help reaching out to someone, follow these steps and visit this page.

    1. Ask: Be relaxed and friendly in your approach. You could ask 'How are you going?' or 'What has been happening?' to help someone open up.
    2. Listen: Be patient, open-minded and non-judgmental as they speak. You could ask 'How long have you been feeling this way?' to find out more about their situation.
    3. Encourage action: Stay positive and ask them how they want to be supported. If necessary, remind them that there is always professional support available. Find support here.
    4. Check in: Keep in touch and be there for them. This really makes a big difference and shows someone that you genuinely care.

    Steps to check in

Health and wellbeing services

Looking after yourself is important while looking out for others. Balancing life and study can be challenging so it’s important to maintain a healthy physical and mental wellbeing.

There are a range of services and offerings at the University that you can access if you ever need help:

Visit the Student services directory for a full list of support services and resources.

Access counselling and after hours support

You’re not alone if you are going through a tough time, feeling overwhelmed and upset, or struggling with your mental health.

For free and confidential counselling, you can contact:

  • Counselling & Psychological Services 
    • Phone: 03 8344 6927 (during business hours)
    • Book online
  • After Hours Mental Health Crisis Support Service 
    • Phone: 1300 219 459 (after business hours)
    • Text: 0480 079 188 (after business hours)

For more information, visit the Counselling & Psychological Services page.

Need further support?

There are a range of support services external to the university designed to help anyone needing support if you are not feeling like your usual self. You can access resources and chat to someone from headspace (18 – 25 years), Lifeline, Kids Helpline and Beyond Blue. If you identify as LGBTIQA+ and want to speak with a trained counsellor, call Switchboard for free.

For more resources and information on mental health and wellbeing, visit the Head to Health page.