Attiya Malik shares her experience as AASC President

Attiya served as President of the Australia Awards Scholars Club from 2018 to 2019.

Attiya Malik

"For someone who loves to work with and for people, joining the Australia Awards Scholars Club committee was a starting point and a major platform that expanded my cultural exposure. Being President has been an amazing experience with heaps more for me to take away in comparison to what I have given. A wealth of friends and memories along with leadership skills are just some examples.

"Presidency requires you to be open and willing to going out of your way for people, a position that requires you to learn, unlearn and relearn, and I loved learning all the committee had to offer. The ability to support your fellow scholars and committee members has given me purpose and immense joy. Arranging trips and events has had its ups and downs - from seeing the most beautiful places within Victoria to having rain down on snow. What I've learnt is you can't make everyone happy but you can try your best and hope for the best. People appreciate your efforts whatever the outcome may be, so try and try again.

"I am proud of my committee for putting their heart and soul into making every single event a success. A leader is only as good as their team and I've had an amazing team! I am sure everyone wonders how we balance our studies, commitments and duties - it's easy; we're a team that supports and takes over from each other where needed, making life easier.

"What I've loved most is seeing smiling faces at the end of trips, pictures of memories, and people dancing away without worry at different events. If I am able to make so many people happy I think I've done a lot more than my work - I have fulfilled a purpose in life. I pray that I can continue doing so when I head back home at the end of the year. Let's see where life takes me but it will be where I spend a lifetime building the new generation for a better future."

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