Isamaeli Time on living in Melbourne

Samoan awardee Isamaeli shares his Melbourne experience.

Isamaeli Time

"Although the weather is unpredictable in Melbourne, I still enjoy it, especially in Winter. It is my favourite city in Australia due to its unique transport system and building orientation where you will never feel bored at any corner. For example, shopping areas, restaurants and bars are all connected with the loop of trams and train stations. Markets are held throughout Melbourne at both day and night and are amazing places where you can find fresh fruits, fish and so much more.

"I am very lucky to have the chance to study at the University of Melbourne. I was a bit nervous at the beginning due to the institution’s prestigious standard, however, I found that teaching staff are so patient. I am so impressed with the materials and topics discussed in my course and feel empowered and prepared for the future, as the knowledge gained from my lecturers has equipped me to drive forwards in my chosen career path.

"I highly recommend awardees to study at the University of Melbourne to learn knowledge and skills that make you think differently. Teaching staff will motivate you to learn more and every day brings new information."

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