Theodore Soukotta delivers a youth civic engagement program in Ambon City

Theodore was awarded a Student Engagement Grant to empower young Indonesians to positively impact their communities.

Theodore Soukotta

Barnev Theodore Roosevelt Soukotta received a University of Melbourne Student Engagement Grant to increase youth civic engagement in Ambon City, Indonesia. His initiative centres around three main ideas: capacity building, knowledge of local and international issues, and collaboration among youths. Theodore shares, “I always feel that young people should be empowered because they have great potential in making significant changes within their community.”

Theodore travelled to Maluku province to deliver his project to 30 student leaders from 15 high schools across Ambon City. He designed a three-day program in which participants gained a deeper understanding of volunteerism and Sustainable Development Goals. They explored their strengths and passions and learned more about various social causes by connecting with local organisations and communities. On the final day, individuals developed their own campaign for a social cause and found ways to implement this on a small scale in their schools.

Theodore hopes that this initiative may serve as the pilot project and catalyst for other regencies in Maluku province to implement youth engagement projects. He believes that creating a comprehensive approach to youth empowerment is a powerful tool for change, in which young individuals will grow not only personally but will be able to positively impact their local communities.

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