Cost of living

Understanding the costs which can be incurred while studying is an important part of planning your budget.

We acknowledge that you might be experiencing unexpected financial challenges because of COVID-19, so we've developed financial support packages to help support you during this time. Find out more.

Preparing and planning a budget can help you to navigate living and studying with a limited income. To get you started, we have provided an overview of the estimated costs of living in Melbourne.

Cost of renting

There are different types of private rental accommodation in Melbourne, and the cost of these vary depending on where you live and how many people you live with.

The following provides a guide to the average weekly rental prices per property type:

LocationProperty typeMedian rent
Metropolitan Melbourne 1 Bed Flat $370
2 Bed Flat $460
3 Bed Flat $495
2 Bed House $450
3 Bed House $410
4 Bed House $450
Regional Victoria 1 Bed Flat $200
2 Bed Flat $270
3 Bed Flat $350
2 Bed House $290
3 Bed House $340
4 Bed House $410

Source: Department of Health and Human Services rental report.

Cost of University Accommodation

The University has ten residential colleges, each providing a range of unique academic and support services to students. The colleges also offer a range of financial aid programs that may to assist students including scholarships and bursaries. To find out more, visit the colleges website.

The University has other types of student accommodation which offer great facilities and services for students. To find out more, see the University Accommodation page.

Cost of other expenses

The following provides a guide on the average weekly amounts for typical expenses:

ExpenseAverage cost per week
Food and eating out$140 to $280
Gas and/or electricity$10 to $20
Phone and internet$15 to $30
Public transport$30 to $60
Car (after purchase)$150 to $260
Entertainment$80 to $150

Source: Study in Australia website.

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