Cost of Attendance (US Direct Loans)

Cost of Attendance (CoA) is an estimate of your education expenses for a specific enrolment period, up to a maximum of 12 months.

Your CoA will be the total amount you may borrow for that period through the Federal Student Aid program, minus any other aid you receive for that award period.

The University of Melbourne CoA components are the same for all US Direct Loans, as specified under US law.

  • Calculating the Cost of Attendance
    Allowable costs in the annual Cost of Attendance for loans commencing after 1 January, 2019
    ItemAmount (AUD$)

    Living costs
    (E.g. room, board, personal expenses, books and course materials.)


    Travel allowance


    Tuition fees

    See your letter of offer or the Understanding your fees page.

    Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)
    (For students who require a student visa. Course-length, calculated in the first loan period.)

    See your letter of offer.

    Student Services and Amenities Fee
    (Domestic research and Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) students only.)

    See the Student Services and Amenities Fee page.

    The amounts above are reviewed each year in conjunction with our Financial Aid team's cost of living estimates, and are updated as appropriate.

  • Dependents

    Students with dependents may apply for an allowance for dependent care to be included in the CoA.

    This allowance is based on:

    • Your estimated expenses incurred for dependent care during class time, study time, fieldwork and commuting time
    • The number and age of your dependents.

    Your application must not exceed a reasonable cost in the community for the type of care provided (Higher Education Act, 472) and must be submitted with supporting documentation.

    For further information on this process, please contact us.

  • Currency conversion and exchange rates

    The Cost of Attendance amounts are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and will be converted to US Dollars (USD) at the time your loan eligibility is calculated. The exchange rate calculation is unable to be adjusted after that point.

    When the Department of Education transfers loan disbursements in USD to the University, they are converted to AUD at the exchange rate on the date the funds are deposited in the University's bank account.

    As a result of these currency conversions at different points in time, the actual disbursement amounts will be different from the initial agreed amount. It is your responsibility to understand and accept this risk as part of studying at a foreign university and receiving US financial aid.

    Exchange rate calculations can be completed using a currency converter.

Need help?

  • For further details on available financial assistance programs, contact the relevant government agency in your home country.
  • For information on how these programs work at the University of Melbourne, contact our International Financial Aid team.
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