Mobility award conditions

Find out about the conditions for mobility awards at the University of Melbourne.

The information on this page is for students who have been awarded a Melbourne Mobility Award, a Melbourne Mobility Excellence Award, or any scholarship that is subject to the Mobility Awards Terms and Conditions.

View the full mobility award terms and conditions

Receiving award payments

We will be able to schedule your award payment once you:

We will activate your award and send your payment within four weeks of your placeholder or overseas study subject enrolment.

Providing your bank and address details

You should provide or review your bank and address details as soon as possible after accepting your offer. If we do not have your bank details or your bank details are out-of-date then it can delay your payment.

For information on how to check or update your bank and address details, see about your scholarship.

Subject enrolment

When you receive the outcome of your application, you will be asked to enrol in placeholder subjects for short-term or semester or year-long programs, or enrol in your University of Melbourne Overseas Subject (UMOS).

If you are a Faculty of Veterinary and Agriculture student going on an overseas placement, please attach either your EMS approval email or a screenshot of your EMS placement to a query form.

If you are doing an overseas internship or placement as part of a University of Melbourne subject that is not listed as an UMOS, please attach evidence that your travel has been approved and will be credited to that subject to a query form.

You will know your enrolment has been finalised when your placeholder subjects or Overseas Subject appear as ‘Enrolled’ in your Study Plan.

If you are unsure about how to enrol in placeholder subjects, please check the step-by-step guides for short-term programs and semester and year-long programs. If you are unsure about how to enrol in an Overseas Subject please check the subject’s page in the University Handbook.

It is important to ensure that your enrolment is finalised in your University of Melbourne study plan. We cannot schedule your payment if we cannot confirm you are enrolled.