Cultural or religious observance

If you participate in official religious or cultural observance and your commitments will have an impact on your studies, you may be eligible to Register for ongoing support for your studies.

Who is eligible?

Students who participate in ongoing religious or cultural observance, and whose participation may impact their studies, may be eligible for support.

Examples of religious or cultural observance include:

  • Official religious observance such as prayer, fasting or religious holidays
  • Official cultural observance such as memorials, holidays or practices related to a specific culture or cultural tradition (to attend wedding ceremonies, are not included).

Types of support available

The University may make education adjustments to your studies to help offset any disadvantage you might face without them.

Adjustments are made on a case-by-case basis and depend on the type of support you apply for.

How to apply

There are two different types of support you can apply for, depending on your circumstances.

  • If you need a one-off study adjustment (for example, if fasting will impact on your exam period), apply for Special consideration.
  • If you need ongoing study adjustments (for example, if you cannot attend class on Friday afternoons due to religious observance), Register for ongoing support.

Supporting documentation

Please provide a letter on the official letterhead of your religious congregation or cultural authority, outlining the nature of your observances and the potential impact on your studies.

The letter must be written and signed by an official authority within your religious congregation or cultural authority. This might include:

  • A religious authority such as a rabbi, minister, priest, imam, monk or similar
  • A cultural authority such as a director, manager, organiser or similar.

Useful resources

This University service may also be helpful to students who participate in official religious or cultural observance.

  • Chaplaincy
    Chaplains are representatives of different faith groups in the wider community, who are placed in the University by their respective faith group with the approval of the Vice-Chancellor.
  • Standards for equity support
    Information about student equity and disability support standards at the University of Melbourne for students, staff, and the wider University community.

Need help?

If you still have questions relating to ongoing support for cultural or religious observance, please contact Stop 1.