Support for students impacted by the October 2022 floods

The University is offering a number of supports for students during this time.

Last updated: 12.11pm, 18 October 2022

Support with your assessments

There are a range of different options available to you if you have an upcoming assessments item.

Your personal circumstances will guide you towards the support you may need to access.

If circumstances have affected your ability to complete an assessment task on time, you may be eligible for an assignment extension of up to ten working days.

Extensions are only available if:

  • Your application is submitted before the assignment due date, or date of the assessment
  • You meet all the requirements as listed in the policy outlining extensions.

Speak with your lecturer, tutor or subject coordinator in the first instance, to discuss whether an extension is appropriate for your circumstances, and which faculty or school owns the subject, as the process varies from faculty to faculty.

If the impact of your circumstances requires an extension of more than ten working days, you may be eligible for special consideration.

Special consideration is guided by the Assessment and Results Policy and is assessed on a case-by-base basis for circumstances that:

  • Have an expected duration of less than six weeks, and
  • Adversely impact your ability to undertake, prepare for, and/or complete an assessment task (e.g. an exam or assessment).

Course planning

If the impact of these recent events is such that you may not be able to progress with your studies this semester, you are encouraged to contact your course coordinator and subject coordinators, and potentially make an appointment with the Course Planning team to understand your options.

Support for Graduate Researchers

In addition to speaking directly with your supervisors about your circumstances, Graduate Researchers are also encouraged to view the information available on the Research Hub.

Financial assistance

To support students impacted by these floods with any immediate cost of living or study expenses for the remainder of Semester 2, 2022 the University has activated an Emergency Support Grant to assist students with a one-off non-repayable grant of up to $5,000.

See Emergency Support Grant Application.

Students are encouraged to submit an Emergency Support Grant application.

Start your application now

Food relief for students

The University is now offering food relief to students experiencing food insecurity.


The University has a limited amount of emergency accommodation available at the Parkville campus, and can provide some assistance sourcing other types of emergency accommodation.

Please contact us to request emergency accommodation or other accommodation-related support.

Accessing short-term accommodation is also a valid reason to apply for Emergency Support Grant Application.

Your health and wellbeing

Our Counselling and Psychological Services (CAPS) and Health Service staff are also available to meet with you, noting that telehealth appointments are available.

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