Semester and Year-long programs - Section contents

Gain an international perspective and experience a different academic system by studying overseas for one or two semesters.


By participating in an Exchange program you can study at a partner institution while continuing to pay your fees to the University of Melbourne through your current arrangement.

You can choose to undertake a Semester Exchange or a Year-long Exchange, both of which can be life-changing experiences.

Through the Exchange program you can:

  • choose from more than 200 Exchange partners in destinations all over the world
  • pay tuition fees to the University of Melbourne under your existing payment arrangement (including HELP), rather than the host institution
  • receive administrative support through the entire process from one of our Education Abroad Advisers
  • have access to a range of university scholarships and funding options.

Explore our Exchange partners

Universitas 21 (U21) Exchange programs

Universitas 21 (U21) is a partnership network comprising of 25 prestigious institutions in Australia and around the world. University of Melbourne students applying for Exchange to a U21 institution are given preference for acceptance and housing at their host institution.


You also have the option to study at an overseas institution through a Fee-paying program. This means you can independently apply to a host institution that is not partnered with the University of Melbourne. However, you will be required to pay the fees for this program directly to the host institution.

If you choose to participate in a Fee-paying program you'll need to complete the following tasks:

  • Independently research your study opportunity at the host institution of choice.
  • Check the Fee-paying brochure page in our application system to see if your preferred institution is already on our list of approved Fee-paying institutions. If it isn't, you can submit a petition to have your potential host institution assessed for credit transfer.
  • Complete your University of Melbourne application, including your approved overseas study plan, by the relevant deadline. You may wish to seek advice on credit transfer from a Stop 1 adviser and/or your Discipline Adviser.
  • Apply to and organise your study opportunity directly with your host institution of choice.
  • Pay tuition fees directly to your host institution rather than to the University of Melbourne.

Important information

You will need to ensure that the subjects you wish to complete fit within your course structure and plans for future study. Check the University Handbook for your course requirements and book a course planning appointment with a Stop 1 adviser if you need assistance.

The process

Whether you are participating in an Exchange or Fee-paying program, you'll need to complete the following steps. The process is similar for both types of study, although if you're planning to undertake a Fee-paying program you'll need to apply to your host institution yourself.

Please note: if you submit an application and then withdraw after the last withdrawal date, you will not be permitted to apply for another overseas study program for 12 months.

1. Plan your subjects
Ensure your overseas subjects fit within your course structure and future study plans.

2. Complete your application
Formally apply for overseas study through the University before the application close date.

3. University of Melbourne approval
Understand our approval process and how to get nominated to your host institution.

4. Apply to your host institution
Apply to your host insitution and keep your spot at the University of Melbourne while you're away.

5. Get ready
Complete a checklist of must-do activities to complete before setting off on your overseas study program.

6. When you arrive
Complete a number of important admin tasks once you have arrived at your host institution.

7. While overseas
Ensure you re-enrol at the University of Melbourne for the semester you plan on returning, and keep in touch.

8. Complete the final steps
Welcome home! Transfer your credit points, settle back in and share your stories.

Ready to start your application?

Visit our full step-by-step guide

Application dates and timelines


You will need to start planning for your Exchange program approximately 12 months prior to when you would like your experience to commence.

Application deadlines for Exchange programs:
Semester 1:
May of the year prior
Semester 2: October of the year prior


You will need to start applying for your Fee-paying program approximately 6 months prior to when you would like your experience to commence.

Application deadlines for Fee-paying programs:
Semester 1:
October of the year prior
Semester 2: May of the same year

Upcoming application deadlines

Fee-paying programs during our Semester 2, 2019:
Sunday 2 June 2019

Exchange programs during our Semester 1, 2020:
Sunday 2 June 2019

Additional information

Eligibility details

Find out if you're eligible to undertake a semester or year-long overseas study experience.

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Budget and funding

Planning your budget early and accurately can really improve your overseas study experience.

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Step-by-step guide

Our step-by-step guide makes the overseas study application process as simple as possible.

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