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After you've been approved by the University of Melbourne, it’s time to apply directly to your host institution.

When to complete your host application

For some short-term programs you may be able to start your host institution application at the same time as your University of Melbourne application, however you are advised not to pay any associated fees to your host or organise travel arrangements until you have received University of Melbourne approval.

Once you have University of Melbourne approval, you can submit your application to the host institution.

You must submit your complete application before the host institution deadline, which is listed on the ‘Overview’ tab of the overseas program entry in the Program Database .

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How to apply

How you apply to your host institution will depend on which overseas study place you are offered, fee-paying or exchange.

I have received a fee-paying place:

Apply directly to your host institution and pay your fees, usually this can be done through the program website. If you have questions about this application process, you will need to contact your host institution.

I have received an exchange place:

We will send your details to your host institution, and they will contact you directly to inform you about how to register. You do not need to pay fees to your host institution.

If you require a University of Melbourne academic transcript for your host institution application, please visit Pod 7 and 8 on the ground floor of Stop 1 Parkville to collect your free hardcopy transcript.

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Don't pay before your application is accepted!

While you are submitting your application to the host institution, start thinking about the things you will need to do to prepare for overseas study. We recommend researching as soon as possible – just don't pay for anything until you have received your acceptance notification from your host institution.