Diagnostic English Language Test (DELA)

The University’s Diagnostic English Language Assessment (DELA) gives you the opportunity to identify academic language skills that may need further development so you can do as well as possible in your studies.

The University's Academic Skills service offers a range of online materials, workshops and tutorials to enable students to achieve their full academic potential. If you have English as a second language, the DELA is a great tool to help the Academic Skills Unit assess what support you may need.

What is DELA?

DELA is a tool designed by the University of Melbourne to assess your strengths and weaknesses in academic reading, writing and listening. It is not an exam and you can't fail. DELA is a post-entry assessment, which means that your results will not appear on your University transcript or affect your admission to the University.

The assessment takes two hours to complete and has three components:

  • Reading (45 minutes)
  • Writing (30 minutes)
  • Listening (30 minutes).

DELA takes place on campus during Orientation. Registration for DELA will open a couple of weeks prior to the start of semester.

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Do I need to take DELA?

Some students are required to take DELA, you will be contacted directly by Academic Skills if you are required to complete it.

Your enrolment will not be cancelled if you don't sit DELA or follow up with participation in skill improvement opportunities recommended for you. However, if your academic results are subsequently unsatisfactory and you have not taken up DELA and the language development opportunities, you are unlikely to receive a favourable response to a request to continue your studies.

How do I get my DELA results?

You'll be emailed your results and recommendations within five working days after completing your DELA. Check your university email account regularly. All language programs are designed to fit within your course of study, at no additional cost.

If you've got a health issue/impairment that makes it hard for you to perform well on a timed assessment, and you feel you haven’t done as well as you could on DELA, you should email academic-skills@unimelb.edu.au.

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