The Social Connection - Social Breakouts

Take a break to connect

Form connections with other University students in a no strings attached zoom hangout called Social Breakouts. It's a quick way to get your social fix while in isolation and an opportunity to meet other students from across campus. Play games, discuss interests, share your hobbies, it's your choice!

You’ll be randomly allocated to a group of four for each session with an icebreaker to start. We’ll shuffle you into new groups every 15 minutes so you get to chat with a whole bunch of new people studying at the University!

Social Breakouts run on Tuesday and Friday nights at 8pm for one hour until 6 November. We will then resume on Tuesday 24 November, after the first 2 weeks of exams.

Register for Social Breakouts

Once you register, you can use the same link for all Social Breakouts, so feel free to attend one or as many sessions as you like. You will receive a notification to remind you of any upcoming sessions.


Shoot us an email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.