1. Check your eligibility

Discover whether you are eligible to study a certificate concurrently with your main degree, and check the Handbook for specific entry requirements and considerations.

Domestic Applicants (incl NZ citizens and Permanent Residents)

Domestics students can complete a graduate concurrent certificate, concurrently, or as a stand-alone qualification. If completing a certificate concurrently, we recommend you complete a course map so you can determine how you will fit the subjects into your degree, and which subjects you can cross-credit.

International Applicants

All international students will need to demonstrate that they can complete the concurrent graduate certificate within their main degree full-time duration. This will involve careful planning and may require enrolment in Summer and Winter terms. You will need to submit a course map (link) and seek approval from your home faculty.

Faculty of Business and Economics

Master of International Business and Master of Management (all specialisations)

If you are offered a place in the Master of International Business or a Master of Management 150-point (18 month) program, you can request a place in the 200-point (24 month) program and take certificate subjects in place of exempted foundation subjects. This will allow you to graduate with both the master’s and certificate qualifications within the standard two-year course duration.