2. Create a course map

If you are an International student, you’ll need to create a course map as part of your application for a concurrent certificate

A course map outlines when you plan to undertake subjects towards your degree and certificate, and, if applicable, which subjects you intend to cross-credit.

By completing your course map, you demonstrate your understanding of how your concurrent certificate will fit alongside your master’s degree. This will help you work out the best time to apply for admission to your certificate and ensure a smooth study transition.

Download and complete the Course Planning document. You must submit this document with your application.

If you would like advice on completing your course map you can seek advice from Stop 1 by either:

Download the Course Map template

Faculty resources

Review the Handbook entry for your course, and resources on your faculty website, while completing your course map. This will help to ensure that you are still meeting the course requirements of your main degree.


Course planning website