How to create your timetable if you miss the preference period

If you miss the preference entry period, wait until MyTimetable becomes available on Friday 24 July to create your class timetable.

The standard class timetable process is to enter class preferences, then get your allocated class timetable based on your preferred class times.

However if you enrol in subjects after the preference entry period has closed, you need to follow the below steps to build your timetable without entering preferences.

You will be able to build your Semester 2 timetable on Friday 24 July from 10am.

MyTimetable basics

Learn more about navigation and basic features in MyTimetable.

  • Understanding class allocation statuses and icons

    Allocation status summary

    At the top of the page under your personal details, you can see a summary of your allocations:

    • Allocated: You have been allocated to a class.
    • Pending: You have entered your preferences and are waiting to be allocated.
    • Not Allocated: You have not selected any preferences and/or have not been allocated into any classes.

    Enrolled subjects and their allocation statuses

    The left sidepanel contains a list of all your enrolled subjects, as well as information about the allocation and preference statuses of your classes for these subjects. Click on a class type (eg Lecture1) to see a list of all its available classes, and details such as when and where the class is held.

    Icons beside the subject or class type

    • Blue: The info icon links to the subject's entry in the University Handbook.
    • Green: You have been allocated to a class.
    • Orange: You have entered your preferences and are waiting to be allocated.
    • Red: You have not selected any preferences and/or have not been allocated into any classes.

    Class allocation statuses

    The allocation status for each class type (eg Lecture 1) is shown in brackets beside each class type:

    • Read only: This class type is available for viewing only. Check timetable dates for information about when it will be available for preference entry, or review and adjust.
    • Adjust: you have an allocation but you can choose to change it.
    • Select: you have not been allocated to a class and will need to select one.
    • Off: This class type is currently closed. Please contact Stop 1 for more information.
  • Viewing available classes for a subject

    For a subject you're enrolled in

    All of your enrolled subjects and their associated class types (eg Lecture1) are listed in the left Enrolment sidepanel. Click on a class type to see all the classes available.

    For a subject you're not enrolled in

    You can search for other University subjects that you're not enrolled in using the left Search sidepanel, below the list of your enrolled subjects.

    • After searching for a class, click 'view' to see the class details for the subject.
    • The search results will not contain subjects for which you are currently enrolled in.
    • Note that while you can see the class details, you will not be allocated into any classes for subjects that you are not enrolled in.
    • You can make enrolment changes in my.unimelb. There will be a slight delay while MyTimetable updates enrolment changes from my.unimelb. There could be a delay of up to 24 hours during peak times.

Creating your timetable

  1. Make sure you’re enrolled in subjects. It can take up to 24 hours after enrolling in a subject for it to appear in MyTimetable, so make sure you enrol in your subjects as soon as possible, so you are ready to select classes when MyTimetable opens on 24 July.
  2. From 24 July, log into MyTimetable.
  3. Navigate to the the Enrolment pane (left-hand side of the screen) to see all your subjects and classes.
  4. Click on a class type (eg 'Lecture1') from the Enrolment pane
  5. Click ‘SELECT’ on the class you want to be allocated to. If you have sectioned classes, see below for more information.
  6. Once you have selected your class, ‘Allocation Successful’ will appear.
  7. Complete Steps 4 - 6 until all class types in Enrolment pane are allocated.

Enrolment panel shown with a class type circled

Sectioned classes

If you have sectioned classes you must select classes in groups. This means you will be with the same classmates for two or more classes (eg the same lecture and studio workshop). To allocate yourself into a section:

  1. Select one class from every class type within one section only.
  2. Choose the class you want and select ‘Submit’.
  3. Once you have selected your class, 'Allocation Successful' will appear.

For example, in the screenshot below, you must select either both the tutorials in Section 1 together, or both the tutorials in Section 2 together:

Screenshot of sectioned class options, with both tutorials in Section 1 selected

Making changes to your timetable