Step 3: Review/adjust your allocated timetable

Once class sorting and allocation is completed, you can review and adjust your timetable before the adjustment period closes.

Your timetable can change throughout the year. You’ll receive an email if a change is made to one of your allocated classes. You should check MyTimetable regularly during the review and adjust period, as there may be changes to your class times, venues, delivery mode options (eg on campus or online) and new classes may be added.

To find out when you will receive your allocated timetable, see timetable dates.

You can also manually create your timetable without entering preferences during the Review and Adjust period. You can use this method if you enrolled in a subject after the preferencing period, or you did not enter preferences. Find out how to manually create your timetable.

This video will show you how to review and adjust your allocated timetable.

Reviewing your timetable

Once you log into MyTimetable, you will be able to see your allocated timetable. The button next to each class tells you its status. It is important that you check the status for each of your classes as it will let you know if you need to take any actions.

You should make sure that you are allocated to classes that are delivered in a location that you can attend (eg On Campus or Online). If you cannot attend on-campus classes in Melbourne, you should be allocated to an online option.

For information on the different class statuses, see the table below.

StatusWhat does this mean?What do I do?Icon

This is the class you’re currently allocated to.

You can keep this allocation or click the bin icon to remove (deallocate) yourself from the class. Use this with caution! As soon as you deallocate yourself, the place becomes available for another student. If you change your mind, your original place may no longer be available.


This means there are free places remaining. You can click the 'select' button to allocate yourself into this class.

You will be automatically removed from your previously allocated class, so make sure you are certain you wish to transfer places first.


This means that the class clashes with one of your other allocations.

Click the 'clash' button to see additional details.


This means that the class may be incompatible with your current timetable. For example, it may be right after another class on a different campus.

Click the 'problem' button to see relevant details.

FullThis is a full class.You can submit a swap request if you wish to be allocated into it.
Select+This class is a primary class of an activity combination. You can click the 'select' button to allocate yourself into this class.You will be automatically removed from your previously allocated activity combination class, so make sure you are certain you wish to transfer places first.

Comparing class availability

The overlay function lets you see your allocated timetable overlaid on the class options for the class type you have selected in the enrolment pane. This can help you see whether that class fits into your current schedule.

  • Using the overlay function for an enrolled subject

    On the left side of the screen, click on a class type from the list of your enrolled subjects. Click on the grid icon in the subject details pane to see the classes for that subject in calendar view. The class options for the class type you have selected will show and your current allocated timetable will be automatically overlaid in orange colour.

    This is what your screen should look like:

  • Using the overlay function for a non-enrolled subject

    On the left side of the screen below the list of your enrolled subjects, you can search for a subject to see its class details. Click 'view' to see the classes for the subject in calendar view.

    Click 'show timetable' to see your currently allocated classes overlaid on top.

    It should look similar to this:

Requesting a swap

Swap requests are managed on a first-in, first-served basis and will not always be successful.

  • How do I request a swap?

    To request to join a full class, click on the blue unfilled heart icon next to the class. You can request multiple swaps for classes that are full and you would like to be allocated to.

    You can request to join a full class whether you have been allocated to another class time or have no class allocation.

    If you have an existing class allocation and are requesting a swap(s), you must remain in this allocation while the request(s) is pending.

    Click the heart icon to submit a request. It will turn red to show that the request is pending.

  • How do I cancel my swap request?

    To cancel the swap request, click the red heart and it will return to blue.

  • What is the outcome of my swap request?

    If a matching swap request is found when you submit your swap request, the swap will be processed immediately and your timetable will be updated.

    If there aren’t any available places to swap into, you’ll be added to a waitlist for that class and your swap will remain pending.

    If a space becomes available before classes begin, you will be notified by email. Your allocation will be automatically updated and the previous one will be removed. If a place is not available by the time waitlists close, you will not be able to join the requested class.

Finalise your timetable before the deadline

Your timetable must be finalised before the adjustment period closes. If your subject’s adjustment period closes earlier, this will be indicated inMyTimetable in the subject's messages, when you click on a class type.

If you have unallocated classes remaining when the adjustment period closes, you will be automatically assigned to one of the remaining available classes a few days prior to semester starting. At this point, swap requests will also be switched off (any unsuccessful requests will be cancelled) and waitlists will be cleared. You are required to attend the class you are allocated to.

If compelling circumstances prevented you from finalising your timetable by the deadline, please submit a Timetabling Assistance form.

Viewing your finalised timetable

You can view your timetable in MyTimetable or you can sync it with your personal calendar.

  • Viewing your class timetable in MyTimetable

    Once your timetable has been allocated, you can view it via the 'Timetable' tab.

    The timetable bar has several features.

    From left to right, these are:

    • Print timetable: you will need to be connected to a local printer.
    • Download timetable: As an Excel, text or iCal file.
    • Filter: For example, see only Semester 1 or Semester 2 subjects, or see only workgroups.
    • Weeks slider and drop-down menu: Drag the slider all the way to the left to see your timetable for all weeks, or move through the weeks of the academic year to see your timetable for a particular week.  You can also use the drop-down menu next to the slider to quickly toggle between all weeks and the current week. This may be useful if you have classes that change time or venue from week to week, or that don't run every week.
    • Timetable grid view: Click this for the calendar view of your timetable.
    • Timetable list view: Click this for the list view of your timetable. Classes will be shown in chronological order from Monday to Friday.
  • Adding your class timetable to another calendar

    Use the 'Subscribe to your timetable' URL from the MyTimetable homepage. 
    Make sure you set the calendar to refresh at regular intervals so that you see your current timetable.

Timetable support

For class timetabling help and troubleshooting information, visit our timetable help page.