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Timetabling help, troubleshooting information and in-person support.

For information on how our subjects will be taught in 2021, visit the subject delivery mode page.

Some dual-delivery subjects may currently only be showing on-campus class delivery options, but don’t worry, all dual-delivery subjects will have an online option before the end of the preference entry period. If you are unable to preference an online class in a dual delivery subject, please try again before the preference entry period closes. Remember, you can see the delivery mode of each subject in the handbook.

Entering your class preferences

  • How much time will I have to finalise my preferences?

    The time allowed for preference submission will vary for different study periods. For Semester 1, you will have about two and a half months. You will have less time for summer and winter study periods. See Timetable dates for more information.

  • I didn't enter all my preferences by the deadline

    You won't be allocated to classes that you haven't preferenced. This means you will have to  allocate yourself into classes during the review and adjust period. See how to create your timetable without preferences for more information.

  • I can’t enter preferences for a subject I am enrolled in
    • Check that the subject is listed under the 'Enrolment' sidebar on the left of your MyTimetable screen. If you have just enrolled in the subject, the system may require time to update.
    • If the class has (READ ONLY) or (OFF) next to it, you cannot enter preferences for that class at this point. This could be because:
      • The preferencing period has not opened yet, or has closed for this study period. You may see a subject-specific message in MyTimetable, or you can check the timetable dates page for general dates for each study period.
      • There is only one option available for a class and you have been automatically allocated to it. This means you do not need to enter any preferences for that class.
  • How can I get a place in the same class as my friends?

    Check the popularity of classes. For example, you can all select a less popular class as your first preference to maximise your chances of being allocated to the same class.


  • MyTimetable is not loading in my browser

    Make sure you are using the latest version of ChromeEdge, Firefox, or Safari. MyTimetable does not work reliably on Internet Explorer, Opera or SeaMonkey.

  • I can’t log into MyTimetable

    If MyTimetable has loaded, but you are unable to log in, the system may be closed to students. Check timetable dates to see when each period is open.

  • I can't see all my enrolled subjects in MyTimetable

    During peak times, there may be a delay of up to 24 hours between enrolling in subjects (in my.unimelb) and your enrolled subjects showing in MyTimetable.

    The subjects are under a closed semester drop-down list. Click on the semester or the arrow to open it and show your subjects.

    On a laptop or smaller screen the Enrolment pane may disappear. To resolve this:

    • resize your window and make it narrower and the enrolment will be under the top left menu button
    • zoom out (CTRL -) in your browser and a subject in the Enrolment pane will show and you can scroll down

    Image of MyTimeTable's zoomed out menu. It shows that you can scroll down.

    If you continue to experience issues, contact Stop 1.

  • Can I enrol in my subjects via MyTimetable?

    No, you will need to continue using your Study Plan in my.unimelb to enrol in your subjects. You can view the class times offered for any subject in MyTimetable regardless of your enrolment, but will be unable to preference or allocate yourself to classes for subjects that you're not enrolled in.

  • My subject/s have ‘No Classes Available’

    If you have a subject that says ‘No Classes Available’ in the Enrolment pane, it may be the case that:

    • There are no in-person classes for this subject (eg if it’s research or project-based)
    • The subject uses another timetabling system (eg ASIMUT for Fine Arts and Music).

    If you are unsure about this, check:

    • The subject's entry in the University Handbook for its class details
    • The subject page in the LMS
    • Your student email for any communications from the University
    • The subject's faculty website.

    If you still cannot find any information, contact Stop 1.

  • What happens if I don't preference or self-allocate any classes?

    If you do not select preferences by the preference entry deadline, you can select from the remaining classes during the review and adjust period. See how to create your timetable without preferences for more information.

    If you miss the preferencing deadline and do not select classes during the review and adjust period, you will be automatically allocated to one of the remaining classes a few days before classes begin. You are required to attend the class you are allocated to.

    See timetable dates for the deadlines for each study period.

  • I have back-to-back classes – is this a clash?

    Classes have a 5-minute gap at the start and end, eg a lecture showing on your timetable as running from 9 – 10am will start at 9.05am and end at 9.55am. This means you will have 10 minutes to travel between back-to-back classes.

  • Why have I received a notification?

    MyTimetable notifications are automatically sent to your student email to inform you of changes to classes in your enrolled subjects. We recommend that you always log into MyTimetable to check whether these changes impact your timetable.

    Types of notifications

    During the preference period

    MyTimetable will send notifications about any change to a class option, even if you did not select it as a preference. For example you might get a notification for a Monday lecture even if you only preference Wednesday and Thursday lectures. This is to keep you informed in case you'd like to update your preferences based on the changes. If this happens, you may not see any changes to your personal preferences. See below for sample notifications.

    After your timetable is allocated

    After timetable allocation, you will only be notified of changes relating to classes you have been allocated to. See below for sample notifications.

  • The text is too small and hard to read in MyTimetable

    Use the browser Zoom function to zoom in and out to set the size of the text. Press and hold CTRL and press the + key to zoom in. Press and hold CTRL and press the - key to zoom out.

  • How do I create my timetable if I enrolled late and timetabling has closed?

    If the subject has closed for timetabling and displays as 'read only' in MyTimetable, you will need to submit a Timetabling Assistance form under Personal Circumstances. When submitting your form, please provide as much information as possible about your availability so that a staff member can allocate you to an available class at a suitable time.


  • I get an error message when using the planner

    There may be no clash free class combination available for the subjects you selected. You can try changing your subject combination. For example, if one of the subjects runs in both semesters, you can try switching it out for a subject that is more compatible with your other subjects.

    It may also be the case that one of the subjects you selected has not been scheduled in MyTimetable. Note that some subjects are managed through other systems, such as ASIMUT for Faculty of Fine Arts and Music performance-based music subjects at Southbank.

Review and adjust

Fixing issues with incomplete timetables, full classes and clashes

There are various steps you can take to resolve issues with incomplete timetables or classes that are unavailable, full or clashing:

  1. If available, select classes on another day or time. MyTimetable will confirm your selection immediately. Some ‘Recorded’ classes, identified by a dotted-line border, can be clashed with other classes.
  2. Submit a swap request. If you are already allocated to a class, but would prefer another time that is currently Full, submit a swap request.
  3. Move the clashing or problematic class to make space in your timetable. If you would like to move into a class that shows either a Clash or a Problem button, select the button for more details. You may be able to move another allocated class to make room for the clashing or problematic class.
  4. Change your subject enrolment. If a subject’s timetable doesn’t work with your other subjects, check to see if there are other subject options. For example, if a subject runs in both semesters, you may wish to take the subject next semester.
  5. Submit a Timetabling Assistance form. In certain circumstances, you may be able to resolve the issue through a Timetabling Assistance form. You will need to provide details on the class you are allocated to and the class you want to add to your timetable. See below for more information related to your specific situation.
    Note: Timetabling Assistance form clash requests should only be used for subjects that are Core on your study plan. If you have issues with a breadth subject’s timetable, please look at other subject options.
  • Clashing mandatory classes in core subjects

    If you have mandatory classes clashing in core subjects, you can request a timetable change. To do this, log into the Timetabling Assistance form to see if this issue has been submitted. If it has, subscribe to the issue to receive updates. Otherwise, please submit the issue under the category 'Mandatory classes in core subjects clashing'.

  • Special circumstances (eg health, employment, religion, personal reasons)

    If you have supporting documentation, you can request a change to your timetable using the Timetabling Assistance form under one of the following categories:

    • Academic Adjustment Plan or health reasons: Use this if you need to be allocated to a certain class and you have an Academic Adjustment Plan (including elite athlete or performer) or documented health-related reasons that requires priority timetabling.
    • Clash with employment: Use this to enquire about a class allocation to accommodate work commitments.
    • Conflict with religious observances: Use this if you want to request a class allocation, if you have been allocated to a class that conflicts with your religious observance.
    • Personal circumstances: Use this to request an allocation to a class due to personal circumstances that are not covered in the other issue types. This includes if you are allocated to an on-campus class but can no longer attend campus and can't change to an online class as the Review & Adjust period has closed
  • All classes full

    Check for messages in MyTimetable to see if more classes will be added. If there are no messages in MyTimetable, submit a Timetabling Assistance form under the 'No available classes' category.

  • My class clashes with a Melbourne Peer Mentor Program or Academic Advising session

    If the scheduled time of your mentoring session conflicts with your schedule, please contact your faculty Student Life team via the my.uniLife app to assist you.

  • Other clash requests

    If you are unable to resolve your clash issue with the above options, or if your subject is a Core component of your course, you can submit a Timetabling Assistance Form using the 'Clash request' category.

    Clash approvals are not guaranteed. Until your clash request has been approved you are required to attend your allocated classes as shown in MyTimetable.

    If you choose to accept a timetable clash, you accept any conflicting requirements (including assessment) that may result between clashing subjects. This will not be considered grounds for special consideration (see Policy MPF1294).

Subject delivery modes

For more information visit the delivery modes and class types page.

  • Why is the Handbook timetable not displaying a location for some classes?

    In the 2021 Handbook timetable, classes that are delivered online will not have a location listed. However, classes with in-person delivery will have the class location displayed.

    If you want to see the location of all your classes, log in to MyTimetable and use the Subject Search or the Planner tool to see more information about online subjects. When entering your class preferences in MyTimetable, the location of your class will show both on-campus classrooms, and online delivery information.

Other review and adjust FAQs

  • Why didn’t I get my first preference?

    MyTimetable is designed to generate the best clash-free timetable for students, taking into consideration everyone's submitted preferences. If you select very popular classes, you may not be allocated to your first preference. You can make swap requests during the review and adjust period if you wish to be put on waiting lists for popular classes.

  • How long will I have to wait to receive my final timetable?

    You will receive your allocated timetable around one week after preference submission closes. See Timetable dates for more information.

  • I can't select any classes for a subject that is open for adjustment
    • Check if any of the subject’s classes has a waiting list, or check back later to see if more classes have been made available. As classes fill up, more class times may be released.
    • Check the Timetabling Assistance Form to see if this issue has been logged. If it has, subscribe to the issue to receive email updates.
    • If the issue has not already been submitted, please log the issue under the category "No available classes". This should not be used for when you personally have no option because of clashes or other issues. For these circumstances, use either “Mandatory classes in core subjects clashing” or “Clash request”.

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