Timetabling Assistance form

Request help with timetable related issues.

You can use the Timetabling Assistance form to submit a request for help with the following timetable issues:

  • No available classes
  • Mandatory classes in core subjects clashing
  • Clash request
  • Academic Adjustment Plan or health-related reason
  • Clash with employment
  • Conflict with religious observances
  • Personal circumstances

The Timetabling Assistance form can only be used after the review and adjust period opens for your subjects. To find out when this opens, see timetable dates.

Before completing and submitting the Timetabling Assistance form, please ensure you've read any information or advice related to your issue on the timetable help page, as there may be a way you can solve it yourself.

Access the Timetabling Assistance Form

Supporting documentation

For some timetable issues you will need documentation to support your request.

Issue type Required documentation
Academic Adjustment Plan or health-related reason An Academic Adjustment Plan that states priority timetabling (class registration) if required.
Clash with employment*
*Please note: clash with employment requests will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and cannot be guaranteed.        
A letter from your employer as proof of your work commitments that includes:
  • a letter head,
  • contact details, and
  • details of your work commitments, including what days and times you work
Conflict with religious observances A letter from your religious leader
Personal circumstances Depending on your circumstances:
  • A letter explaining your commitment outside of your studies for consideration by your department.
  • A letter outlining the compelling circumstances that prevented you from finalising your timetable by the deadline.
Request change to move to on campus class / on campus class not availableA document outlining why you need to move to an on campus class and times that you prefer.
Request change to online classA document outlining why you need to move to an online class and times that you prefer.