Changes to exams, special consideration and your Weighted Average Mark (WAM)

Find out how COVID-19 may affect your studies.

Last updated: 04.49pm, 19 February 2021

Exams and assessments

Delivery of assessments and exams in First Half Year 2021

Most assessments in Summer Term and Semester 1 will remain online. This is because physical distance restrictions are likely to remain in place during this period, and it also enables students who cannot initially return to campus to continue with their studies.

There may be different assessment arrangements for some subject delivery modes – such as those practical and specialist subjects that will be delivered in-person on campus, that also require their assessments to be undertaken in-person on campus. There may also be some further exceptions, with decisions made on a case-by-case basis.  In these cases, the subject coordinator will communicate the arrangements directly to students enrolled in their subject before the mid-semester break in Semester 1 2021.

We will continue to offer spaces on campus for students to sit their exams should they not have access to a safe or suitable space.

Special consideration

The University’s policy and procedures for Special Consideration will continue to apply. These cover a wide range of circumstances that may have affected student progress. If you have been affected by COVID-19 but are unable to provide evidence (such as if you are caring for someone who has been diagnosed), you can submit one of the following supporting documents to explain how your study has been affected:

A medical certificate or Health Practitioner Form

  • If you’re seeking Special Consideration on the basis of a medical condition, you should contact your regular doctor, or a doctor at the University’s Health Service via a telehealth consultation. This may mean you don't need to attend the clinic in person. If appropriate, your doctor will issue a medical certificate via telehealth
  • If you have a current referral with one of the Health Service psychiatrists or psychologists, you can also talk to your mental health provider(s) through telehealth to obtain documentation to support your Special Consideration request.

University Health Service telehealth appointments are only available to students currently in Australia. If you are currently studying overseas, you are encouraged to seek documentation from your local doctor or health clinic. If there are COVID-19 physical distancing measures which prevent you from doing so and telehealth consultations are not available, you should consider submitting a Student Declaration form below. You may also wish to book an appointment with the University’s Counselling and Psychological Services for advice.

A statutory declaration

  • If you don’t have access to a doctor or medical certificate, you may provide a statutory declaration as an alternative. A statutory declaration is a written statement that you sign and declare to be true and correct in the presence of an authorised witness.
  • If your current circumstances mean you are unable to contact an authorised witness, you may prepare a student declaration – see below.

A student declaration

  • If you are unable to source a medical certificate, health professional form, or statutory declaration to support your application, a student declaration (PDF 106.8 KB) can be filled in and uploaded to your application (please use the reason Hardship or Trauma).
  • The Special Consideration student declaration will be used along with the information provided to assess your application. Eligibility is not automatic.

Special Consideration will not normally be considered in relation to the University’s transition online for teaching, learning and assessment. Similarly, self-isolation without having contracted COVID-19 would not normally be grounds for special consideration. However, where there are special circumstances these will be considered on a case by case basis.

A special note regarding healthcare workers

We recognise the extraordinary contribution that healthcare workers are making on behalf of the community as part of the COVID-19 response. In light of this, we will make reasonable academic adjustments for students who are healthcare workers who have been required to support these efforts at this time.

If you are a healthcare worker and would like to apply for special consideration on this basis, please upload confirmation of your work in this capacity to support your application.

Weighted Average Mark (WAM) calculation for 2020

Academic Board has extended the revised WAM calculation methods from First Half Year 2020 to Second Half Year 2020 (including winter subjects). Summer subjects are exempt from the revised WAM calculation. Yearlong subjects are exempt from the revised WAM calculation unless otherwise approved by your faculty dean. Find out more about the WAM calculation.

Weighted Average Mark (WAM) calculation for 2021

Academic Board has confirmed that the normal WAM calculation as per the Assessment and Results policy will be applied in 2021. Visit the WAM page for more information on WAM calculations.

Students experiencing challenging situations impacting their academic performance should consider applying for Special Consideration where appropriate or contacting our health and wellbeing services for advice and support as required.