How do I take my exam?

Find out about the different formats that are used for University of Melbourne exams

Exam formats

Your Subject Coordinator may use one or more of the following exam formats when creating the exam that you will take on exam day. Your Subject Coordinator will tell you before the exam what format/formats it will take. Please check your LMS subject site or contact your Subject Coordinator for more information.

Departmental (faculty-managed) exams

If you are studying a specialist subject, a subject with a practical component (eg Melbourne Medical School or Faculty of Fine Arts and Music subjects), or a subject with another type of online assessment managed by your faculty such as take-home assessments, there may be different exam arrangements in place for you. Your Subject Coordinator will advise you of these arrangements.

How online exams work

First, you need to know when your exams will be. Your exam timetable will display a set exam start time (e.g. 10am) and end time (e.g. 12pm). You will have a set period of time to complete your exam (e.g., two hours). You will only have access to the exam in the LMS during the scheduled time slot. If your exam has reading time, this will be listed in your individual exam timetable (e.g., 15 minutes). Reading time is built into the duration of the exam.

During your exam, questions may be multiple choice, short or long answer. Some exams may require you to upload written material, or you may be supervised while taking your exam via Zoom. See exam formats for more information.

At the end of the exam, you will submit your exam via the LMS. Please see exam formats for more information on the submission process for your exam. Some exam submissions can be made up to 30 minutes after the exam due time in the LMS, to ensure students experiencing technical issues are not locked out of the system at due time. However, this late submission period cannot be used as additional exam time. Some quiz formats do not feature additional submission time. Always read your cover sheet or exam instructions to understand how the exam will work. The Subject Coordinator may request evidence of technical issues, or a late penalty may apply. See exam formats for more information.

How written campus exams work

Find out everything you need to know about taking your campus exam.

Privacy and security

The University is committed to protecting your privacy. The University embeds privacy considerations into the design and architecture of information technology systems and business processes, including  online examinations. These have all been approved by the University's Privacy Office and are compliant with the University’s Privacy Policy.

For further information about students and privacy, see Student privacy guidelines for Zoom, the Student charter and read the LMS privacy collection notice.

Academic integrity in online exams

It is important for all students to understand their responsibilities for ethical scholarly practices. Academic integrity refers to students submitting scholarly work for assessment that represents their own original ideas and original work. The University of Melbourne expects the highest scholarly standards from its students in all areas of their learning and assessment.

Updated academic integrity advice for online examinations is available on the Academic Integrity website. It includes information on the academic integrity declaration for exam and assessment tools, and advice on how to ensure you comply with academic integrity during your online exams. We recommend you review this information carefully and also complete the academic integrity learning module prior to sitting your exams.

Exam rules

You must follow the Academic Integrity guidelines for any exam format, online or in person. Additional exam rules also apply for the following exam formats: