LMS quizzes

Here are some tips and advice for taking your LMS quiz exam.

Finding your LMS quiz exam

Log into the LMS and look at your calendar. Your LMS quiz exam will be entered on your calendar, and will include two dates and times you should note:

  • Not available until / Locked until: this is the date and time your exam begins
  • Due: this is the date and time your exam is due

You will only have access to your exam during the dates and times listed in your exam entry. Your entire exam timetable, including exams you might have in other subjects, can be viewed by visiting my.unimelb.

Below is a screenshot of how your quiz will look in your calendar in the LMS:

You can also access your exam entry under the Assignments tab in the LMS. Here’s a screenshot of what that will look like:

An example of the Canvas Quiz setup in the LMS

Completing your LMS quiz exam

Before your exam your subject coordinator will give you information on what questions to expect during your exam. The quiz could be multiple choice questions, short answer questions, or any other question type that your subject coordinate has chosen to use or a combination of these.

Log into the LMS. Ensure that your personal calendar is visible in the LMS. If it isn't visible, in the Calendar view, click the box next to your name to toggle this view. The link to your exam will be in your calendar entry.

You must complete the entire exam in one sitting. Your exam will have a time limit, and a countdown timer will display in the right-hand panel as you complete your exam. You can hide this timer if you wish. Your exam answers will be automatically saved as you complete your exam, so you don’t need to worry about saving each answer.

If you start the exam late, you will have less time to complete it as it will automatically submit when the due date and time passes. The timer will NOT adjust to reflect this.

You will be unable to review your responses once you have submitted the exam.

Submitting your LMS quiz exam

If you complete your exam before the time limit is reached and you would like to submit your quiz responses, click the submit button.

Your exam answers will automatically submit when the exam is due and the time limit is reached. If you started your exam late, you still need to submit your exam prior to the exam due date and time. Otherwise your exam will be marked late.  If you have been impacted by a technical issue that prevented you from submitting by the due time, your coordinator may ask you for evidence of the disruption.

You will get a five-minute warning, a one-minute warning, and a 10-second warning that the exam will automatically submit. These warnings will display even if you have chosen to hide the countdown timer.

Once you have submitted the exam or the exam has automatically submitted at the exam due date and time, your submission details will display at the top right when viewing the exam.

Below is a screenshot of how to submit the quiz in the LMS.

An example of the Canvas Quiz submission in the LMS

An example showing that you can find the time left in the quiz in the top right corner of the quiz page


If your internet disconnects during your exam, the timer will continue to count down, your exam will remain active on your screen, and your answers will continue to be saved in the browser until due date and time for the exam is reached and the exam closes, or until your internet reconnects.

You can still work on your exam even if you have lost your internet connection.

When your internet reconnects your answers will automatically be saved, if the due date and time hasn’t passed and timer hasn’t finished. You can view when the test was last saved next to the Submit button.

If the due date and time has passed before you can reconnect to the internet, the quiz will attempt to submit the exam when the timer finishes, and an error page will display. Do not hit the back button or navigate away from the error page. Confirm when you a reconnected in another tab, then refresh the error page.  This refresh will submit the answers you have completed while you had a connection.  We suggest you take photos or screenshots of any answers completed while offline, before the timer ran out.

We’ve set up a technical support team to help you if you’re having technical trouble during your exam. Visit the technical support page for contact details.

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