Zoom-supervised exams

Here are some tips and advice for sitting your Zoom-supervised exams

Your exam will be supervised via Zoom. You must update your Zoom to version 5.0 or above on your computers and devices to complete your exams. View the detailed instructions on how to update Zoom.

Your schedule for exam day

Timing on the day What you should do

1 hour before your exam

  • Check your exam space is ready. Only permitted materials are allowed in this space.
  • Check you can access your zoom link via the exam timetable or your LMS calendar.
  • Check your computer equipment is ready and your laptop is plugged into a power source.
  • Get any permitted notes and materials ready.

30 minutes before your exam

  • Log into the LMS and navigate to the exam in your subject site, so you are ready to go at exam start time.
  • Check that you have support services and technical support information handy
  • Open Zoom and test your webcam position. Do not use your Zoom exam link to do this. To test your webcam:
    1. Open the Zoom application on the device you will be using
    2. Click on the New Meeting button to see how your webcam will appear
    3. Examples of good webcam setups are available in the Getting ready section below

15 minutes before your exam

  • Enter the Zoom room. For instructions on how to do this, see the joining Zoom section below.
  • Connect webcam and microphone.
  • Your identity will be verified by the supervisor who will have a copy of your ID photo from your student card.
  • The supervisor will ask you to adjust your webcam view/lighting if it does not show your entire workspace.
  • A few minutes before exam start time, your Zoom supervisor will brief you on your exam requirements.

Exam start time

  • You will have 30 minutes reading time
  • You may open your exam
  • You can print the paper or download to your device for reading and disconnect device from the internet
  • You may leave the webcam view to collect your printing
  • Carefully read exam instructions on the cover sheet. While reading you may not write, highlight, annotate or make any marks on the paper.
Exam writing start time
  • You may start your exam
  • If you need to communicate with your supervisor, raise a hand. You can then communicate with them via private Zoom chat.
  • You can go to the bathroom during your exam if needed. However, you must raise your hand first and you will be given permission to use the chat function to inform your supervisor.
  • Your exam answers can be written on a printed template exam (available prior to  the exam), a printed copy of the exam paper (which you can print at the start of your exam), or blank paper.

Exam end time

  • At Exam End Time, you will have up to 30 minutes to scan your exam papers using a scanning app, and upload your scanned papers.
  • If you need to make multiple submissions this will be allowed, however all submissions must be made under Zoom supervision.
  • Please note submissions should take no longer than 20 minutes.
  • If you have trouble scanning and submitting your exam paper, please raise your hand and use the chat function to inform your Zoom supervisor
  • Once submission is complete (and Gradescope email received, if applicable) notify your supervisor who must give you permission to leave.
  • Log out of the Zoom room once given permission by supervisor.
  • Exam submission made outside of Zoom supervision will not be accepted.

Exam rules


  • Student photo ID: If you’re sitting an exam supervised over zoom, you must upload your photo for your Student ID by the deadline
  • Listen to instructions: Make sure you listen carefully when your exam supervisor is giving instructions
  • Stay in your webcam view: you must stay in webcam view for the duration of the exam. If you need to leave the room for any reason (for example, to use the toilet), you must first tell your supervisor and leave all exam materials in the exam room. All absences from the exam room are noted by zoom supervisors.
  • Only use authorised materials: Make sure you know what authorised materials and devices you are able to use in each exam. Possession or use of unauthorised materials will be reported to your Faculty.


  • Talk: You must not talk to anyone else in your exam space during your online exam
  • Collude with others: Colluding with others to gain an unfair advantage is a breach of exam rules and will result in disciplinary action
  • Take notes during reading time: You are not permitted to make any notes on your exam paper during reading time
  • Write after your exam time ends: You must immediately stop writing when told to do so by your zoom supervisor. Any writing after this point will be reported to your Faculty.
  • Exit zoom before completing your exam submissions: You must make your exam submission before you exit the zoom room. Any unsupervised exam submissions (ie made after you leave the zoom room) will not be accepted.

Getting ready

Setting up your exam space so you are ready to join Zoom

Test if your location has a good wifi or wired internet connection. Ask your housemates or family to avoid bandwidth-hungry activities like streaming movies while you’re taking your exam.

You must update your Zoom to version 5.0 or above on your computers and devices. View the detailed instructions on how to update Zoom.

Remove any unpermitted materials from your exam space.

Check if your internet connection and data plan are adequate for Zoom usage

Test your connection by visiting these pages:

Your connection should support a video quality that enables your face to be clearly identifiable.

Minimum recommended data allowance for Zoom

  • Group Zoom meetings use between 810 MB–2.4 GB of data per hour, depending on the video quality.
  • You can reduce data usage by unticking the Enable HD option in video settings.
  • Most laptops will be in the midrange and will use about 1.4 GB of data per hour. Please ensure you have sufficient data to complete your exam.
  • If you are worried that your internet connection or data plan won’t be able to support a Zoom exam, please refer to our support services to see how we can help you take your exam.

Set up Zoom for identity verification

It is important that your webcam is set up with optimal lighting so that exam supervisors can clearly see your workspace throughout a Zoom-ID verified exam. The reasons for this are to:

  • Verify your identity as would normally be done in a regular exam.
  • Verify that you were present and abided by the examinations policy during the exam.
  • Ensure that only permitted materials were used during the exam.
  • Ensure that you did not interact with devices that have internet access during the exam.

Your webcam should be in a position to clearly show you working with your whole desktop, including:

  • The printed exam paper or the device for exam paper reading with screen visible.
  • A printed exam paper and/or blank paper.
  • Permitted materials. Please note that headphones cannot be used during Zoom supervised exams.

Do not use your webcam to broadcast your exam workings. The details on the pages should not be readable.

You will not be permitted to use images as a Zoom background during the exam.

  • Example of a maths exam set up

    Acceptable - this student is viewing the exam via phone, with the device visible on their desk.

  • Example of a maths exam set up

    Acceptable - this student has a second device disconnected from the internet - with the screen visible.

  • Example of a maths exam set up

    Acceptable - this student has ensured that their hand is not out of view if they reach forward.

  • Example of a maths exam set up

    Acceptable - this student is using a printed exam, and their face is clear and visible for identificaton.

  • Example of a maths exam set up

    Unacceptable - the device is too close; your hands should not go out of view during the exam.

  • Example of a maths exam set up

    Unacceptable - the device being used to read the exam paper is not visible.

  • Example of a maths exam set up

    Unacceptable - objects within reach are not visible - either obscured or out of frame.

  • Example of a maths exam set up

    Unacceptable - objects within reach are not visible, the student can't be identified and your working out shouldn't be readable.

Joining the Zoom exam room

  • Log into the LMS. Ensure that your personal calendar is visible in the LMS. If it isn't visible, in the Calendar view, click the box next to your name to toggle this view. The link to the Zoom exam room is registered against this calendar, rather than your subject's calendar.
  • Below is a screenshot of how the Zoom supervised exam will look in the LMS calendar. The calendar item will be created during SWOTVac.

Zoom supervised exams in the LMS calendar

Click the link provided in your LMS calendar to join the Zoom meeting.

Below is a screenshot to show where the Zoom meeting link is.

Joining the Zoom room example

Your Zoom exam room link will also be available in your personal exam timetable in my.unimelb.

You should join the Zoom room 15 minutes prior to the exam start time. You may be asked to modify your webcam view and lighting by the supervisor.

You will need to log into Zoom using your University of Melbourne username and password. For instructions visit the LMS guide on how to log into Zoom.

Can't find your Zoom exam room link?

If you cannot find your Zoom link, please call Stop 1 and they can provide your link to you. They will need your Student ID and subject code.

Contact details:

  • Inside Australia: 13 6352 (select Option 1 for current students then select Option 1 again for exam enquiries)
  • Outside Australia: +61 3 9035 5511 (select Option 1 for current students then select Option 1 again for exam enquiries)

Completing and submitting your assessment

Go to the Assessments tab in the LMS to access your exam. The content will not be available until the official exam start time.

When the exam is made available at the start time, you have two options available for reading and completing the exam:

  1. You can print the exam out during the reading time. You will read the questions on the exam paper and once writing time commences complete the answers in the answer boxes provided.
  2. You can open the exam on a second device. You will read the questions on the device and complete the answers in the answer boxes of a blank template (to be provided ahead of the exams) or on blank A4 paper.

    Once the exam template has been downloaded to and opened on the device and once writing time commences, the device must be disconnected from the internet. The screen of the device should be visible on the webcam view you set up.

Throughout the exam you will have the Zoom meeting open to observe you whilst completing your exam. You can communicate with the supervisor through the Zoom chat function if needed. You will be able to go to the bathroom during your exam if needed. However, you must notify your Exam Supervisor through the Zoom chat function.

At the end of the exam you will scan your answer sheets and submit as per the LMS assignment or Gradescope assignment instructions.

You will receive an email confirming submission. Once you have received the email confirmation, request permission from the supervisor to leave.

Important: It is strongly recommended that you use a scanning app on your phone rather than take photographs of your exam papers. Students who attempt to submit photographs of their answer sheets may find the file size is too large to submit. Download and test out your chosen scanning app before the exam period so you don't experience any trouble on exam day.

Zoom exams will be recorded for supervision purposes.


Further reading and resources on Zoom