LMS assignments using Gradescope

Gradescope is an assessment platform that allows you to upload exam papers for digital grading and feedback. Here are some tips and advice for sitting your LMS exam using Gradescope.

Finding your Gradescope exam in the LMS

Log into the LMS and look at your calendar. Your Gradescope exam will be entered on your calendar, and will include three dates and times you should note:

  • Not available until / Locked until: This is the time and date when you will have access to your exam.
  • Due: This is the date and time your exam is due. You can submit your exam up to 30 minutes after the due date and time. However, if you submit your exam after the due date and time it will be marked as late.

You will only have access to your exam during the dates and times listed in your exam entry. You can also view your exam timetable, including exams you might have in other subjects, by visiting my.unimelb.

Below is a screenshot of how the assignment will look in the LMS.

Below is a screenshot of how the assignment will look in the LMS once it becomes available.

An example of the Gradescope Assignment setup in the LMS

Completing the Gradescope assignment

Log into the LMS. Ensure that your personal calendar is visible in the LMS. If it isn't visible, in the Calendar view, click the box next to your name to toggle this view. The link to your exam will be in your calendar entry. If you start the exam late, you will have less time to complete it.

Submitting the Gradescope assignment

Depending on how your Gradescope exam is set up, you may be required to complete it all entirely online, or scan and submit your written exam pages at the end of your exam. Your subject coordinator can provide more information on how your exam will be set up on the day, so you know what to expect.

It is easiest to use your phone to submit your Gradescope assignment. We suggest you take the below steps to make sure your exam runs smoothly on the day. Your phone should:

  • Be connected to the internet
  • Have enough data to upload your assignment
  • Be fully charged
  • Have enough available memory to scan/save your assignment documents.

Avoid submission problems: use a scanning app

We strongly recommend you download and use a scanning app to submit your exam papers as PDFs instead of photos. You may experience some difficulties or delays uploading photos of handwritten pages into Gradescope due to the size of photo files and/or the number of the photos. So you can easily and quickly submit your exam pages, we recommend that you download a scanning app and submit your pages as PDFs instead of photos. If you have handwritten your assignment, we suggest downloading Office Lens or Adobe Scan to scan your assignment as a PDF. For more information on how to scan your assignment and how to save your assignment as a PDF, please follow this guide.

You can view your submission via the Gradescope interface while the exam is still available. You may also be required to also indicate which questions you have answered on your scanned pages (eg Question 1 is answered on page 1, Question 2 is answered on page 2 and 3, etc).

You can resubmit your Gradescope exam as many times as you like before the due date and time. However, any submissions made after the due date and time will be accepted as the final submission and will be marked as late.

You will not be able to submit the exam once the exam is unavailable in the LMS.

When you submit your exam, you will be emailed a receipt to confirm your submission.

Below are two screenshots of how to submit the Gradescope assignment as a PDF, on a desktop and a mobile device.

An example of the Gradescope Assignment submission

A screengrab of the Gradscope submission confirmation


If your internet disconnects during the exam, you can reconnect to the LMS and submit the LMS assignment using Gradescope. If the due date has passed, your exam will be marked as late.

We’ve set up a technical support team to help you if you’re having technical trouble during your exam. Visit the technical support page for contact details.

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