Zoom-ID verified Exams

Here are some tips and advice for sitting your Zoom exam.

Your exam will be supervised via Zoom. You must update your Zoom to version 5.0 or above on your computers and devices. View the detailed instructions on how to update Zoom.

Setting up your exam space so you are ready to join Zoom

Test if your location has a good wifi or wired internet connection. Ask your housemates or family to avoid bandwidth-hungry activities like streaming movies while you’re doing the exam.

You must update your Zoom to version 5.0 or above on your computers and devices. View the detailed instructions on how to update Zoom.

Check if your internet connection and data plan are adequate for Zoom usage

Test your internet connection by visiting these pages:

Your connection should support a video quality that enables your face to be clearly identifiable.

Minimum recommended data allowance for Zoom

Group Zoom meetings use between 810 MB–2.4 GB of data per hour, depending on the video quality.

You can reduce data usage by unticking the Enable HD option in video settings.

Most laptops will be in the midrange and will use about 1.4 GB of data per hour. Please ensure you have sufficient data to complete your exam.

If you are worried that your internet connection or data plan won’t be able to support a Zoom exam, please refer to our support services to see how we can help you take your exam.

Set up Zoom for identity verification

It is important that your webcam is set up with optimal lighting so that exam supervisors can clearly see your face throughout a Zoom ID verified exam. The reasons for this are to:

  • Verify your identity as would normally be done in a regular exam.
  • Verify that you were present and abided by the examinations policy during the exam.

If you are using a laptop or PC with a built-in webcam

  • Ensure that you are seated in front of the webcam. Check in Zoom if your face is clearly visible.

If you are using your tablet or smartphone to enter the Zoom room

  • Ensure that you position your device so your face is clearly in view. Check in Zoom if your face is clearly visible.

Do not use your webcam to broadcast your exam workings or the LMS screen.

You will not be permitted to use an image as your Zoom background during the exam.

Here is a good example of a Zoom setup. This has optimal lighting and the face is clearly identifiable. Make sure your Zoom setup looks like this.

Here is a bad example of a Zoom setup. This has poor lighting and the face is not identifiable. Make sure your Zoom setup does not look like this.

Good Zoom shot.Bad Zoom shot example.

Joining the Zoom exam room

Log into the LMS. Ensure that your personal calendar is visible in the LMS. If it isn't visible, in the Calendar view, click the box next to your name to toggle this view. The link to the Zoom exam room is registered against this calendar, rather than your subject's.

Below is a screenshot of how the Zoom ID-verified exam will look in the LMS calendar.

You should join the Zoom room 15 minutes prior to the exam start time. You may be asked to modify your webcam view and lighting by the supervisor.

Zoom supervised exams in the LMS calendar

Click the link provided in your LMS calendar to join the Zoom meeting. Below is a screenshot to show where the Zoom meeting link is.

Joining the Zoom room example

Your Zoom exam room link will also be available in your personal exam timetable in my.unimelb.

You will need to log into Zoom using your University of Melbourne username and password. For instructions visit the LMS guide on how to log into Zoom.

Completing and submitting your assessment under Zoom supervision

Your exam will not be visible until the official exam start time.

Click the link provided in your LMS calendar to join the Zoom meeting.

The format of your exam will be a quiz, an LMS assignment, a Gradescope assignment, or a Cadmus assignment. Please ensure you review the appropriate guide to taking your exam in this format.

You will access, complete and submit your exam as per the instructions for the exam format chosen by your Subject Coordinator. The only difference is that you will also have the Zoom meeting open on your screen and you will be supervised whilst completing your exam.

Zoom exams will be recorded for supervision purposes.


For troubleshooting advice on your exam, please refer to the information for your exam format.

Your Zoom supervisor will assist you in confirming your webcam setup is correct.

We’ve set up a technical support team to help you if you’re having technical trouble during your exam. Visit the technical support page for contact details.

Further reading and resources on Zoom