Exam support services

Resources and support available to you in the lead up to the exam period, to make sure you have everything you need to sit your exams, and support available on the day.

Technical support

We've developed a variety of technical support resources to help you both prepare for exam day and assist you if you have any technical issues during your exam.

Visit the technical support page

If you do experience technical disruptions during your online exam, you may be eligible to apply for special consideration (technical). You will need to check that your circumstances are eligible (eg major technical disruptions for more than 10% of the exam time) and you have supporting documentation as proof of these technical issues. For more details on eligibility and supporting documentation visit the special consideration (technical) page.

Exam questions

Your Subject Coordinator will be available to answer your questions about exam content. All other types of questions should be directed to Stop 1.

In most exams, you will be able to ask questions via the Exam Support tool in the LMS. Your subject coordinator will be online to answer exam questions via the Exam Support tool for the first 45 minutes of your exam (unless they advise you otherwise).

The below screenshot shows where the Exam Support tool is located in the LMS. You can also visit the LMS Exam Support page for more information on the Exam Support tool.

Zoom-supervised exams

You will be able to ask questions of the exam supervisor via Zoom private chat. If you're not sure whether your exam is Zoom-supervised or not, please see your personal exam timetable.

Announcements during your exam

If any exam corrections or clarifications are necessary during your exam, your Subject Coordinator will post an announcement from the relevant subject via the LMS.

To stay up to date during your exam:

  • keep the Announcements page open on a different tab and refresh it from time to time
  • check your announcement notifications are set to 'notify immediately'

Zoom-supervised exams: Your zoom supervisor will alert you to any exam corrections.

First aid

First aid officers will be available for phone calls during your exam if you are feeling unwell or distressed.

Call Stop 1 and they will refer you on:

  • Inside Australia: 13 6352 (select option 1 for current students and then select option 1 again for exam enquiries)
  • Outside Australia: +61 3 9035 5511 (select option 1 for current students and then select option 1 again for exam enquiries)

Support before exams

  • Academic Skills support

    Equip yourself with all the skills required to successfully prepare for your exam. The Academic Skills team have created a package of exam preparation online resources to optimise your exam revision, improve your recall and prepare for different exam formats.

  • Alternative Exams Arrangements

    Students who have Alternative Exams Arrangements (AEA) confirmed with Student Equity and Disability Support will continue to receive the adjustments in their Academic Adjustment Plan. Visit the Alternative Exams Arrangements page for more information about AEA support.

  • Overseas support

    The timetable has been designed to enable you to complete your exams between the hours of 7am and 9pm in your time zone. Exam times have been adjusted to accommodate time zones for overseas students based on their contact address as of the date communicated to students identified as being outside of Australia.

    You must ensure you are available to attend your online assessments during the exam period. The University will not reschedule exams for circumstances that are considered reasonably in your control, such as employment commitments, travel, and social engagements such as weddings or birthdays.

  • Wellbeing

    If you need help looking after your physical and mental wellbeing, we encourage you to access the University’s wellbeing support services and visit the wellbeing during exams page.

Need help with your exams?

Submit an online enquiry to Stop 1 and we'll get back to you within 10 business days.

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