Everything you need to know about your exams — when they will be, how to prepare, and what to do on exam day.

In light of the Victorian Government’s ongoing response to COVID-19, Semester 2 examinations will be held online.

There may be exceptions for those practical or specialist subjects which require in-person assessments (that is, those Semester 2 subjects with essential in person requirements); however, this will be subject to government restrictions. A decision on these subjects will be made on a case-by-case basis and will be communicated directly to students enrolled in these subjects by the Subject Coordinator before the mid-semester break.

Subject to government restrictions in place during the Semester 2 examinations period from Monday 9 November to Friday 27 November, the University hopes to be able to offer a limited number of spaces on campus for students to sit their examinations should they not have access to a safe space.

Any updates to the delivery of Semester 2 assessments in light of changing Government restrictions will be communicated as required.

Here you will find important information about how online exams will run, the different exam types and formats that will be used, how to get ready for your exams and the support available to you during the Semester 2 and special and supplementary exam period.

For specific content and exam format information for each of your subjects, please refer to your LMS subject site or ask your Subject Coordinator. Some specialist subjects or those with a practical component might have different exam arrangements in place. For further information on the exam arrangements for these subjects, please refer to your LMS subject site or ask your Subject Coordinator.