Graduation celebration kit

Celebrate your graduation in style across social media platforms with the help of this digital celebration kit! This includes University of Melbourne GIFs and social media frames that you and your loved ones can add to social media posts.

Celebrating on Instagram

Share your achievement on Instagram by using the hashtag #UniMelbAlumni2020 and adding some fun GIFs to stories!

An Instagram post with a UniMelb sticker

Celebrate and win!

@unimelb are giving away four graduation bears to those who share their graduation celebration on their Instagram feed! You could post a photo of your graduation outfit, a photo of your family celebration or a selfie with your University of Melbourne hoodie. Get creative!

Don't forget to include the hashtag #UniMelbAlumni2020 in your post for your chance to win one of the bears! The competition closes on 12 October 2020 and winners will be announced via @unimelb on Instagram.

Share your achievement with this AR graduations frame filter!

  1. Click the button below to see the filter. You can also access the filter by clicking the smiley face icon on the @unimelb Instagram page
  2. Film a video or take a photo of you in the frame filter
  3. Add text and some graduation GIFs by searching 'unimelb'
  4. Don't forget to use the hashtag #UniMelbAlumni2020
  5. Post it to your Instagram stories for everyone to see!

Use the filter

Stickers, templates and GIFs

Want to celebrate and add some University of Melbourne graduation GIFs to your Instagram stories? GIFs feature Barry, the Old Arts clock tower and graduation frames!

  1. Search ‘unimelb’ when adding a Giphy to your story
  2. Select your favourite GIF! We have also created some GIFs for your proud parents, family and friends to use on their posts
  3. Remember to use the hashtag #UniMelbAlumni2020 and tag @unimelb so they can reshare your posts
  4. Post your story for everyone to see!

You can also right-click or tap and hold any of the images below to download them:

Animated GIF declaring "we did it!" Animated GIF declaring "Proud of my UniMelb graduate" Animated GIF declaring "we did it!" Animated GIF reading "2020 graduates!" Animated frame  Animated frame  Animated frame  Animated frame Animated frame  Animated frame  Animated frame  Animated frame

Celebrating on Facebook

Show off your achievement on Facebook by adding some filters and a cover photo!

Add a Facebook profile filter

  1. Go to
  2. Search 'unimelb'
  3. Select your celebration frame, position and scale it. We have also created some filters for your proud parents, family and friends to use
  4. Click ‘Use as Profile Picture’ so others can see your achievement!

Example Facebook profile picture with frame;Example Facebook profile picture with frameExample Facebook profile picture with frameExample Facebook profile picture with frame

Add a cover photo to your profile

  1. Download the below cover photo and add it to your Facebook profile page
  2. On Facebook, click your profile picture in the top right
  3. Click 'Edit Cover Photo'. If you don't currently have a cover photo, click 'Add Cover Photo'
  4. Click 'Upload Photo' to upload the graduation cover photo from your computer
  5. Once you choose a photo, you can reposition it by clicking the image and dragging it up or down
  6. Click 'Save Changes'.

Download this Facebook cover photo
Click or tap and hold to download.

For detailed instructions on how to add your graduation backgrounds to Zoom, click here. Did you know that Zoom also has a Graduation Hat filter? Try it to complete your look!

Graduating at home posters

Right-click or tap and hold on one of these University of Melbourne posters to download it. There are posters for graduates and posters for family and friends!

These posters can be used as computer backgrounds and they are also print-friendly so you can print them and put them up in your home.

Poster for graduates Poster for family and friends

Celebrate and win!

Don't forget to add the #UniMelbAlumni2020 hashtag in your Instagram feed posts before 12 October 2020 for your chance to win one of four graduation bears!

Winners will be announced via @unimelb on Instagram.