Completing and conferring your degree

Find out what happens when you complete your course.

Your conferral date

When you complete your course, you will be contacted via email to confirm your official conferral date, which is the date that will appear on your graduation certificate (testamur).

Your conferral date is when you will be able to officially claim your qualification and receive access to your digital graduation certificate (testamur), academic transcript and AHEGS. Conferral dates usually take place at the end of each month. Click the button below for more specific information.

2022 conferral dates

What happens after my degree is conferred?

A physical copy of your graduation certificate (testamur) will be posted in the month after your conferral date. The Graduations Office will email you a tracking number once your testamur has been posted.

You will then receive an invitation to attend the next available in-person graduation.

How will I know when my degree is conferred?

We will email you on your official conferral date to confirm your degree has been conferred, and how to access your digital graduation certificate (testamur) and other academic statements.

When will I be invited to attend an in-person graduation ceremony?

After your degree has been conferred, you will receive an invitation to attend the next available in-person graduation. Refer to the in-person graduation information for further detail.

In-person graduation ceremony dates and information

Can I defer the conferral of my degree?

In some rare cases, you may need to move the date that your degree is formally awarded. This means you will not receive your graduation certificate and qualifications until your degree is conferred. Please also note it is only after your degree is conferred, that you will receive an invitation to attend an in-person graduation.

What do I do next?

Bachelors/Masters degrees:

You do not need to do anything at all. You will be officially conferred on the date listed in the email you receive on completion of your course, and after that will receive your invitation to attend the next available in-person graduation ceremony.

If you need to defer the date of your conferral, you must advise the graduations office by selecting this option against your degree in the 'Graduations' page of your my.unimelb account.

Please ensure you do so by the deadline outlined in the conferral email you receive on completion of your course.

PhDs/Doctoral degrees:

If you have completed a PhD/Doctoral degree, you must confirm your choice to be conferred. You can do this in the Graduations page of your my.unimelb account. If you do not respond by the deadline outlined in your conferral email, your conferral will be automatically deferred until the next main round.

Award Certificates and Diplomas:

Students who complete award (graduate) certificates and diplomas, are automatically conferred on completion of their course and no action is required.

If you are a Fine Arts and Music student, there are separate arrangements in place and you will be contacted according to the information outlined for Bachelor degrees

Checking your name and address details

Before conferral, it’s important to ensure that the name and address details we have are up to date.

Change of address

To ensure your certificate is sent to the right postal address, please check your address details in my.unimelb (after clicking this link, you will need to click ‘Contact’ in the left menu to see your address details). If you need to update your address details, please follow these instructions.

The Graduations team will email you prior to your testamur being posted with an opportunity for you to update your address within a tight timeline.

Please ensure your address is entered in line with the below format:

Address information

Address Line 1: (mandatory)
Address Line 2: (if applicable)
Address Line 3: (if applicable)
Suburb/City: (mandatory)
State/Province: (mandatory)
Postcode: (mandatory)
Country: (mandatory)
Contact phone number: (mandatory)
Contact email: (mandatory)

Please include all mandatory fields. Note that only standard English alphabetical characters can be used.

Change of name

Your name will appear on your graduation certificate (testamur) and in the list of graduates as it appears on your student record. You can submit a Change of personal details form if you need to change your name, or change the order that your names will appear on your graduation certificate (testamur). All name changes must be submitted no later than the response date. If you change your name after your graduation, you can purchase a replacement graduation certificate. For more information, see Changes to name and personal details.

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