You'll present your ticket (print or electronic) on arrival at the ceremony and receive a conferral program.


Guest seating at the Royal Exhibition Building (REB) is accessible via the East Entrance (Nicholson Street side) and the West Entrance (Rathdowne Street). Please note the Royal Exhibition Building is not climate controlled and the temperature will vary. We recommend dressing appropriately for the season.

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See conditions of entry (PDF 78.7 KB)

Photography during the ceremony

Once you have entered the venue for the ceremony, you may only take photographs from your seat to minimise disrupting other guests.

Official University photographers will take photographs of each graduand as they graduate on stage, and these will be on sale after the ceremony. Other professional photographers will not be allowed into the venue.

Children and babies

It is recommended children and babies do not attend the ceremony due to the length and formal nature of the proceedings. If children do attend they must be supervised by a carer other than the graduand. Carers can exit and enter the venue with their children as needed.

Mobility assistance

Please use the East Entrance (Nicholson Street entrance side) if someone in your party has mobility access requirements and needs to be dropped off as close as possible to the venue. A security staff member will be at this entrance and will open the boom gate for your vehicle to enter. Lifts are also available for graduands and guests with mobility requirements.

If you use a wheelchair, walker, frame or cane, are vision impaired, or have difficulty in crowded spaces, please enter the venue as soon as the doors open (see the ceremony running schedule for exact times). Ushers will seat you first before the venue opens to other guests.

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