Your graduation certificate

Your graduation certificate is also known as a testamur, award or degree certificate, parchment, or scroll.

After you graduate, you will receive a free hard copy and digital copy of your graduation certificate (testamur). If you have completed a concurrent diploma, you will receive an additional and separate graduation certificate (testamur) for it.

For more information about the documents you will receive once you graduate and how to access them, visit the Academic transcripts and statements page.

Certificate content and dimensions

  • Size: A4, 297mm (high) x 210mm (wide) (15.8in x 10.4in)
  • Paper: Printed on watermarked paper with the University crest at the top
  • University seal: Embossed with the University Seal
  • Folder: Presented in a flat diploma folder
  • Details: Displays your name, degree title, and date of graduation

Your certificate does not include:

Certificate wording

Find below the sample wording structure that will appear in your graduation certificate (testamur):

Sample degree wording

Sample diploma & certificate wording

* Your name will be printed on your graduation certificate (testamur) as it appears on your student record. You can submit a name change request with the University if you need to update or change your name before your conferral date.

** For a list of approved award titles, please refer to the Courses, Subjects, Awards and Programs Policy.

Replacement certificates

You can order a replacement testamur via our eCommerce website. A $225 replacement fee applies for:

  • Name changes
  • Lost certificates, or
  • Damaged certificates (unless caused by natural disasters).

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