Managing your enrolment online

Find out how to make adjustments to your subjects and course online.

There are a number of ways you can manage your subjects and course enrolment online. Depending on the what adjustment you wish to make, you can either make the change yourself in my.unimelb or request assistance through the Enrolment Variation (EV) form.

How to manage your enrolment online

  Self-manage via my.unimelb Submit an EV form

Drop a subject

Stop studying a particular subject by withdrawing from a subject.


Enrol in a subject

Confirm what you will study by enrolling in subjects.


Leave of absence

Take a break from your course by applying for a leave of absence.


Return from a leave of absence

Return from a break from your course by enrolling in subjects.


Add a major or subject to my Study Plan

Before you can enrol in subjects you need to add a major or subject to your Study Plan.


Waive a prerequisite

If you can take a subject without meeting its prerequisite, you will need to get approval and submit a requisite waiver.


Move subjects on my Study Plan

If you would like to move a subject from one part of your study plan to another, e.g. from 'free points' to 'breadth'.


Add approved subjects to my Study Plan

If you have not been able to do this yourself via my.unimelb.


Changes a major or minor

If you are unable to change a major or minor yourself on your Study Plan.


Change a course stream

When you want to change your course stream (as outlined in the course entry of the Handbook).



If you want to take more credit points in a study period than your course requires, you can apply to overload.



If you want to take extra subjects beyond the maximum points for your course, you can apply to over-enrol.


Accept non-credit exemptions

If you have applied for Advanced Standing (credit for prior learning) and have been granted a ‘non-credit exemption’, you will need to ask to have your Study Plan adjusted.

Ready to make a change?

Log into my.unimelb

Submit an EV form

What is the Enrolment Variation form?

The Enrolment Variation form enables you to request assistance with managing your subject or course enrolment. Learn how to submit an Enrolment Variation form, including which category to use for your enquiry:

Once you have submitted a request using the form, you will receive an email with the expected turnaround time. Staff will assess your request and communicate the outcome with you via your student email.