If you want to take extra subjects beyond the normal number of points required for your course, you can apply to over-enrol.

If you want to enrol in more subjects than the standard amount for a semester, you should apply to overload.

Can I over-enrol?

Over-enrolment will only be approved if a student cannot meet the requirements of their course without completing additional study.

Over-enrolling cannot be approved for these reasons:

  • To complete an additional elective subject that you are interested in.
  • To complete a subject in order to meet the entry requirements for another course.
  • To meet accreditation requirements that are not also needed to meet course requirements.
  • To complete a major, minor or specialisation that is not a requirement of your course.

If you wish to take extra subjects but are not eligible to over-enrol, you may take other study through non-award programs such as the Community Access Program.

If you have received advanced standing, you may be able to rescind credit to make room in your course for the subject you wish to take.

How do I apply to over-enrol?

If you are confident that you meet the eligibility requirements to over-enrol:

  1. Complete the request to over-enrol form (PDF 214.7 KB) explaining why you must study further subjects to meet the requirements of your course.
  2. Apply via the the Enrolment Variation Form, attaching your completed request to over-enrol form.

All applications to over-enrol are assessed on an individual basis.

What fees may apply for over-enrolment?

Commonwealth Supported students will continue to study on a Commonwealth Supported basis. FEE-HELP students may continue on a deferred fee basis provided they have not exceeded their FEE-HELP limit.