Enrolment assistance

Please note: The average turnaround time for Enrolment Assistance Forms is 4 working days.

We are currently assessing forms submitted from 11th July 2024. We are prioritising Winter, June and July Enrolments.

Be aware of your subject key dates and allow sufficient time for your form to be processed.

(Last updated 17 July 2024)

How can I make changes to my enrolment?


In most cases you can enrol or make changes to your study plan in my.unimelb.

Log in to my.unimelb to:

  • Enrol in a subject
  • Withdraw from a subject
  • Add a major or subject to your study plan
  • Take a leave of absence.


Use the timetable help page for assistance with building your class timetable.

The Enrolment Assistance Form

Use the Enrolment Assistance Form when you cannot enrol or make a change to your study plan via my.unimelb.

You can submit an Enrolment Assistance Form to:

Change your study plan

  • Change your major or minor
    If you have already completed subjects in your major or minor, you will need help if you want to change. Please make sure you have enough space remaining in your study plan for your proposed new major.
  • Move subjects on your study plan
    For example, you may want to move a subject from the ‘free points’ section of your study plan to make room for a breadth subject.
  • Resolve an empty study plan
    When using your Study Plan for the first time, you should be able to see the major, minor, specialisation, and subject options available for you to choose from. If you can only see a line with your course title and nothing else, you will need help to submit an Enrolment Assistance Form for help to expand your Study Plan.

Enrol in subjects

  • Add a subject that is in the Handbook for your course
    If the subject is listed in the Handbook for your course, but it does not appear as an option on your study plan. Before submitting the form, check you are choosing from the right part of your study plan (eg elective, breadth, major elective)
  • Take a subject not in the Handbook for your course
    You must have approval and attach supporting documentation (details below).
  • Waive a prerequisite
    If you have not completed a listed prerequisite but have completed equivalent study at another university. You must have approval and attach supporting documentation (details below).
  • Enrol with an approved non-VCE subject prerequisite
    The enrolment system does not recognise your VCE or equivalent secondary studies as meeting prerequisites for a particular subject. Please attach supporting documentation (details below). For instructions on how to get non-VCE subject prerequisites approved, visit our Non-VCE subject prerequisites FAQ.
  • Accept a non-credit exemption
    If you were offered a non-credit exemption on your offer letter, your study plan will need to be adjusted to remove the core subject(s) and add room for elective(s).
  • Apply to overload
    You can apply to enrol in more than 50 points in a semester if you meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Apply to cross-credit subjects (concurrent diplomas)
    A maximum of 50 points may be cross-credited from a bachelor degree to a concurrent diploma.
  • Enrol after the last self-enrol date
    The last self-enrol date is the final date you can enrol via your study plan. After this date you will need to obtain Subject Coordinator approval and submit an Enrolment Assistance Form.

    The Faculty of Business and Economics does not approve enrolment in subjects after Friday of Week 3, even with subject coordinator approval. If you were prevented from enrolling on time for reasons outside of your control your application will be assessed but enrolment is not guaranteed.

Please note: You cannot enrol in a subject after the census date, even if you have approval from the Subject Coordinator.

Submitting an Enrolment Assistance Form

Supporting documentation

Supporting documentation is required for some requests.

You need supporting documentation to:

  • Prove you meet a Year 12 VCE or equivalent secondary studies prerequisite:
    Your academic transcript is required.
  • Waive a prerequisite:
    Approval from the Subject Coordinator is required.
  • Enrol after the last self-enrol date:
    Approval from the Subject Coordinator is required.
  • Enrol in a subject not in the Handbook for your course:
    Approval from the Subject Coordinator and Course Coordinator is required.

Supporting documentation should clearly show:

  • The date
  • Student name and email
  • The Subject Coordinator or Course Coordinator’s name and email
  • The subject title and subject code
  • The full details of the email conversation.

A good example of supporting documentation is email correspondence with the Subject Coordinator or Course Coordinator. View an example email correspondence here.

If providing email documentation, please convert it to PDF beforehand.

Enrolment Assistance for First Year Mathematics and Statistics

If you completed your secondary school mathematics outside Victoria, you may need to submit an Enrolment Assistance form to determine your eligibility to enrol in level one Mathematics and Statistics subjects.

You will need to provide:

  • A transcript from your final year of secondary studies in English

You may need to provide (on request):

  • Subject syllabuses in English

Submit an Enrolment Assistance Form

Enrolment Assistance Form